E. Macron, Prince of the Wind meets the King of the Wind in the USA. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

E. Macron, Prince of the Wind meets the King of the Wind in the USA.

Americans always laugh that this visit was so insignificant and so full of direct contradiction.

Published on 3.12.2022

Many wondered if the King of the Wind had received the Prince of the Wind at the White House or rather “Disney Land” with his eyes of spoiled children who asked mom, a last trip to the country of the “Ultra-Freemasons and Satanists of Mickey”.

François Asselineau analyzes the faults committed by Macron on the international scene. In the space of 3 weeks during the month of November 2022, the tenant of the Élysée managed the sad feat of committing eight major diplomatic blunders, and thus demonetizing France’s word a little more. It emerges from this analysis that the Macron case falls under psychiatry or deliberate high treason, or both. No democratic state in the world would agree to have a leader who is unable to learn from his mistakes and who seems to take a malicious pleasure in exacerbating evil passions, and destroying what he is supposed to protect and grow. . The French must stop being hypnotized by the mainstream media and open their eyes to the danger that Macron poses to our country. It crystallizes all the forces that want to deconstruct France because it is hampering – for how much longer? – the deployment in Western Europe of a Euro-Atlantic order under Anglo-Saxon domination. Every freedom-loving Frenchman, and feeling indebted to the 1500 years of French history, must join us so that this story does not end in betrayal and dishonour.

A well-known reporter on the networks covered the event and described it to us:

“The French President arrived in Washington last night and today he had several meetings, starting with the Vice President at NASA, then at Arlington Cemetery to pay tribute to the Americans who helped liberate France . I was there and I’m showing you this, and the changing of the guard ceremony in Arlington, with a motorcade from Biden. A pretty crazy day, but tomorrow will be even crazier.”

“Today, I am going to a special place since I managed to obtain the authorization of the press office of the White House to cover the ceremony of arrival of the state visit of French president Macron and Joe Biden from INSIDE the White House. But rather than show you the speeches, I take you behind the scenes, starting early in the morning when the press arrives to prepare for the day’s events. Watch and experience what it’s like behind the scenes at the White House before a major official state visit.”

Look, observe Brigitte’s gestures, rather embarrassed to be here, look at Macron’s eyes, his loss of bearings when he is always guided for the formal set-up, also look at how Biden moves while walking with his knees half bent , in front of this show with Disney fanfare, everything is hyper pathetic, false and devitalized of all meaning. The American media are still laughing. Our opinion !! Biden and Macron no longer master anything, no one listens to them on the international scene, the EST leads its life with the wind in spite of them and here we are therefore in the presence of the King and the Prince of the wind reunited one last time, for a last round of honor in show. We would even say that the White House has been rented for this great show to be organized there, so that they can enjoy themselves at the end of their reign to finally believe that they have achieved something in their lives. Ah Hollywood is no longer what it is, only Disney manages to shoot an open-air show.

“Biden and Macron leave DC as Jane Fonda rallies near the White House. Today was a little quieter than yesterday so I thought I’d take a little walk around the White House and visit the National Christmas Tree, but it was closed so I just wandered off looking of something interesting. I ran into Jane Fonda protesting fossil fuels with a senator and another movie star, but otherwise it was a pretty quiet day in the big city.”

So after seeing these images, what do you think of this trip? Nothing, Creux, Nada, on the other hand three days disrupted the lives of Americans living there and the only result is that a senile and a spoiled child took themselves respectively for a King and a Prince…. .

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