The fact checker gang, Fact N Furious deactivates its website and its Twitter page after the revelations of the wife of the founder at Idriss Aberkane. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

The fact checker gang, Fact N Furious deactivates its website and its Twitter page after the revelations of the wife of the founder at Idriss Aberkane.

Published on 27.11.2022

The “Fact & Furious” site has been uninstalled and its Twitter, Facebook, Instagram accounts have disappeared.

The scandal of the “Malika Daoust” affair was revealed by a video by Idriss Aberkane. It concerns the role of Antoine Daoust accused of violence against his wife Malika and his daughter, of information laundering… We thus learn that the Fact & Furious site would not be as independent as it suggests, since Malika claims to possess a service contract between AFP and Antoine Daoust.

While Rudy Reichstadt’s Conspiracy Watch site tries to save the furniture and cries out for a “pseudo-case”, 271,000 files are currently exhumed from Malika Daoust’s computer and a FranceSoir team analyzes them scrupulously. For its part, the famous Fact & Furious site specializing in fact-checking has been uninstalled ( in the rain …

Antoine Daoust the founder has just dissolved his SASU. Veran and Macron’s underlings and disinformation specialists have been betrayed from within and it’s enjoyable to watch. The time to punish all these criminals is drawing near.

The ship is sinking, the rats are leaving the ship… But it’s not sinking fast enough yet, because a lot of people need to see the real truth right now.

Reminder and explanation by various people:

The fact checker debacle continues, see Fact N Furious?

Malika, the wife of Antoine Daoust, responsible for this site, testifies at Idriss Aberkane and it is not sad.

According to her, her husband:

  • Told her NOT to get her and her daughter vaccinated (because the vaccine would still be “in trial”)
  • Would have been vaccinated “for the buzz” (?)
  • Falsify and sell negative PCR tests for 80€
  • Would have sent her to her “friend” Karine Lacombe (STILL?, but she is everywhere) for a contact to do reaction tests to see “if she could be vaccinated or not”.

She explains the #factchecking system, where sponsors send requests for articles specifically against certain topics. She says she testifies to protect herself, because she filed a complaint against him for beatings.
Serious accusations, we had echoes, but it still shows links between power, fact checkers and doctors on set… Investigation to follow

On YouTube below:

Direct video below in case YouTube censors.

The fact-manipulation site “Fact N Furious” whose lies were shown by an investigation by Idriss Aberkane has disappeared, even their Wikipedia page has also disappeared, congratulations to Idriss for his fantastic work for 2 1/2 years.

Idris Aberkane: »Facts and Furious, the fake news laundering mafia! »

“It is because there was aggravated violence on his wife by Antoine Daoust, the character at the head of Facts and Furious, that we were able to trace the network of this laundering of false information. This pharmacy was not created from nothing, by an ultra sulphurous character, without any experience in journalism!

Antoine Daoust, who has a past of violence, finds himself overnight with a CCPAP press license, placed in a network of AFP journalists. For a year, he will provide points of support for all those who want to degrade Professor Raoult, Professor Perronne, Louis Fouché, Marc Doyer…

This character, out of nowhere, sees his messy, non-validated pharmacy cited by all the media and Wikipedia as a reference in the validity of information! »

Xavier Azalbert (France Soir) on the “Fact And Furious” case by Antoine Daoust.

While the journalistic information site FranceSoir and the essayist Idriss Aberkane had been on the investigation for several months, our journalist took advantage of the presence of Xavier Azalbert in front of our camera to tell us behind the scenes of the fact-checking system. .

Idriss Aberkane – The scandal behind the “Facts and Furious” affair


Even people in the sadly superficial world of reality TV are opening their eyes. This is the worst news for the cabal.

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