S. Ravier, new revelations on the reception of illegal immigrants from the Ocean Viking! and the disarmament of the French heralds a very imminent civil war. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

S. Ravier, new revelations on the reception of illegal immigrants from the Ocean Viking! and the disarmament of the French heralds a very imminent civil war.

Published on 27.11.2022

Believe us, Darmanin really doesn’t want you to watch and share this video.

Charles Gave 2019… “The men of Davos”

Business comes out, the lies and “conspiracies” very real of the government will be exposed in broad daylight, the looting in order of the country by the complicity by McKinseythe deaths due to injections, the organized bankruptcy of France through Ukraine and covid puts the government in complete fear starting with Macron himself who knows very well what awaits him with justice and prefers immediately to disarm the French for fear of the revolt to come, which he will have skilfully organized to avoid, erase and break all evidence and lawsuits against him to come, with “a civil war no justice, no trial”.

By Anna-Bella.com : The disarmament of the French by Macron announces a very imminent civil war.

Published on 26.11.2022 Designed by salsa

This disarmament of the French will last until December 2, do not ask me why…

Why does Darmanin want the French to surrender their weapons? » Secular Response

Gérald Darmanin announces measures to better control the possession of weapons » Read carefully: A regulation demanded by women’s rights associations who point the finger at the use of firearms in feminicides.TF1 News. We believe we are dreaming!! Who are we laughing at ? In general, feminicides are done with punches or kicks or blunt objects, very rarely with firearms!!!

Gérald Darmanin announced that the government was going to propose a ban on the acquisition and possession of transformed weapons of war »Atlantico

If there are weapons of war, it’s in the suburbs that you have to go get them… Today, all the murders committed by immigrants, illegal or not, are with knives. When I was young, in Marseilles, the cops arrested the guys ladles (facies checks) (you see who…), searched them completely and confiscated their knives. In case of recidivism, they beat them in the cellars of the police stations or the prefecture. But it was very quiet then, not like it is today. Finally, I say that, I say nothing.

Macron is indeed lower and lower in all international polls and gazes and he can no longer count on anyone’s support. His disproportionate ego and his outrageous megalomania as a psychopath to the last degree do not allow him to accept failure and he will prefer, like his friend Zelensky in Ukraine, to finish destroying France completely rather than to admit defeat, to beat a retreat. and to relinquish illegitimate power that he stole from the French people. He is an extremely dangerous and desperate man and no one can know what dark decisions he will still take to persecute the French people. But we must never forget that he swore to his globalist masters to carry out the total destruction of France. At the same time, he knows that his behavior for six years towards the French has been such that he no longer has any illusions to entertain and that even his escape abroad will undoubtedly be very difficult.

Indeed, it is generally at the approach of serious disturbances, a wind of revolt, rumors of insurrection and also because of an unwanted, hateful and violent invasion, that the French have always been disarmed ( confiscation of weapons) against their enemies, in full betrayal of their elites.

In Béganne, a suspended fine of €1,000 for possessing weapons without authorization » West France

On the one hand, the badly paid police forces, despised and humiliated by the State, sent to hell and forbidden to protect their own lives, blindly obey the most treacherous injunctions of their minister in charge and the judges reds (traitors to the nation for a long time) are already preparing to treat like criminals these dangerous Gauls illegally armed with a few dusty old escopettes that have been lying around in the back of their attic for centuries.

If I were a policeman or a gendarme today, I wouldn’t commit suicide, as many do and they are wrong, but I would resign and go find another job, in France or in another country.

On the other hand, we observe the most vile and flattering courtship and the licking of slippers to which the Islamic terrorist forces are subjected (we must no longer say Muslim, because we take a lawsuit in the teeth with each blow! ) by our elites » governmental. Terrorist forces that store hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of the latest generation of war weapons in the walled and repainted basements and cellars of housing estates, in red-light districts and suburbs that are inaccessible to anyone today does not belong to their community of peace, love and tolerance.

Hunting weapons will also be prohibited, in the long term (and hunting prohibited), and sports shooting weapons too, of course. Initially, the holders will be able to drop them off at the gendarmerie or in the police stations without any penalty. However, the procedure is very secure. If you wish to drop off weapons, you must leave them in your car in the parking lot and report that you have weapons to drop off and a police officer or gendarme will come and pick them up with you in your vehicle. All weapons deposited (and not returned, since they never belonged to these forces of order) will supposedly be destined to be destroyed. I don’t believe a word of it. Weapons in good condition will be recovered by the State.

Subsequently, severe penalties will be applied to offenders.

For my part, I have no advice to give on this question. I don’t own any prohibited weapons and that’s fine. Anyway, you’re not allowed to wear them, so it’s useless against a nice immigrant who will slit your throat on the way and continue his way quietly, as we see him do every day. In addition, if you fight back and have the misfortune to hurt him, it will be 20 years in prison for you (if you are not dead, of course!) That said, there are other ways to protect yourself and to protect your family and your belongings, bows and crossbows for combat or simple enough powerful target shooting, whose arrows and bolts can be made heavier and the triggering power can be increased. Also, for very close combat, underwater fishing spear guns. Then, the smartest can always give free rein to their imagination…

This civil war against enemies of France from inside and outside will very quickly overflow and become European. It will set Europe on fire and blood. It will be multi-faceted: social, political, inter-religious, inter-ethnic and interracial. Everyone knows it. But our leaders don’t care…

I add a link which can help to better understand what awaits us and which is the testimony of a magistrate, the public prosecutor of Paris: Laure Beccuau, Paris prosecutor, on organized crime: “the level of the threat is such that we detect risks of destabilization of our rule of law, of our economic model, at a major strategic level. » Read more here.

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