More than a quarter of the country wants the GOP to open an impeachment inquiry against Biden. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

More than a quarter of the country wants the GOP to open an impeachment inquiry against Biden.

Published on 23.11.2022

Excellent, the impeachment for Biden, here we go: A group of House Republicans have filed articles of impeachment, citing President Biden’s handling of the disastrous Afghan pullout and southern border crisis.

The House Republicans group, led by Rep. Bob Gibbs of Ohio, says Biden has repeatedly violated his duties as president, calling his leadership into question. According to the New York Post, the articles’ co-sponsors include Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona, and Reps. Brian Babin and Randy Weber of Texas.


Representative Gibbs announced via Facebook on Wednesday that he had filed three articles of impeachment against the president. In the first article, it is suggested that Biden willingly and knowingly released thousands of illegal migrants, some of whom tested positive for COVID-19, inside the United States with no date to appear in court.

The second article claims that President Biden violated the separation of powers by extending the federal eviction moratorium “despite publicly acknowledging that he will not pass constitutional scrutiny.” Finally, the third article discusses the President Biden’s handling of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. This suggests he did not act responsibly as commander-in-chief, putting American lives at risk, as well as aiding and abetting the enemy by “leaving billions of dollars worth of military hardware in the hands of enemy soldiers”.

Rep. Gibbs acknowledged that because Democrats control both houses of Congress, any further action beyond the initial tabling of the articles is unlikely. “I could not sit idly by,” he said, “while President Biden commits what I consider to be gross and willful violations of his oath of office.”

Yahoo News reports: With their slender majority assured, Republicans in the House of Representatives now face the reality of governance and the demands of their increasingly vocal base, for which the once marginal perspective to impeach President Biden has become a majority opinion, new poll finds Morning Consult/Politico.

Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R) introduced five of nine articles of impeachment tossed by GOP House of Representatives against Speaker Joe Biden (L). MANDEL NGAN/AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES AND DREW ANGERER/GETTY IMAGES

While 28% nationwide said a GOP investigation into Biden’s impeachment was a “top priority,” that figure nearly doubled to 55% among those polled by the GOP. Only 6% of Democrats agree. It should be noted that GOP support for the investigation into Hunter Biden’s finances – a major source of anger and conspiracy theories from conservatives — is slightly lower than their interest in an impeachment inquiry, with 52% of GOPs surveyed considering it a priority for the new Congress. In contrast, 7% of Democrats agree.

Mr. Biden acknowledged the existence of a growing chorus within the GOP House in favor of his impeachment, calling him a “almost comical” and throwing out “good luck for your senior year,” as my coach said, when asked for his response to Republicans pushing for impeachment. He had previously joked: “I don’t know why they are going to indict me.”

Tweet translation:

Biden: I’m already being told that if they get the House and Senate back, they’re going to impeach me. I don’t know why they’re going to indict me.

Aspiring House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has largely refrained from supporting Biden’s impeachment, telling Punchbowl News in October that he thinks “the country doesn’t like impeachment being used for political purposes at all” and that, in the case of the president, “I don’t see what’s going on right now.”

The Morning Consult/Politico poll was conducted Nov. 10-14 with a sample of 1,983 registered voters.

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