“he did not receive the initiations, does not belong to the secret societies”. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Newt Gingrich on Trump: “He didn’t receive the initiations, is not part of the secret societies”.

Published on 23.11.2022

Gingrich’s video translated by Quantum Leap Translation, many thanks for their work.

Newt Gingrich puts Adam Schiff on the straight and narrow: Pelosi and the Democrats started this dance.

Former Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich has set the record straight after the Democratic congressman complained about plans by Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy to remove him of his powerful role in a commission.

McCarthy announced he was firing Schiff and Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Eric Swalwell (D-CA) from their commissions.

Democrats, however, were outraged by the decision.

“I think Nancy Pelosi set the precedent,” says Gingrich.

“She did something that had never been done before and touched on the minority party to decide who could and could not serve on certain committees.”

“I think Kevin McCarthy is following his precedent.

“So the Democrats have nothing to complain about because they started this dance and frankly, the three people he chose totally deserve to be kicked off the committees.

“It’s amazing,” Gingrich said.

“Adam Schiff made a career out of lying to the American people while chairman of the Intelligence Committee with no questions asked, just an outright lie.

“Swalwell had a relationship with a Chinese communist.

“It’s unimaginable for someone who is going to have a security clearance.

“So I think those are three good targets.

“And I commend President-Elect McCarthy for taking them head-on. »

Schiff blamed McCarthy for confirming his plans to fire him from the coveted commission job.

“He’s going to adhere to the wishes of the lowest common denominator,” complained Schiff.

“And if this lowest common denominator wants to remove people from the committees, that’s what it will do.

“It will be chaos with the Republican leadership”.

McCarthy said earlier: “One thing I said early on: Eric Swalwell can’t get a public sector security clearance.

“Why would we give him a security clearance and America’s secrets?

“So I won’t allow him to be part of Intel.

“You have Adam Schiff, who has lied to the American public time and time again.

“We will not allow him to be part of the intelligence committee either.

“Look at MP Omar, her anti-Semitic comments that were published.

“We will not allow him to sit on the Foreign Affairs Committee.

“But we will also stand up against what is happening, not just in the halls of Congress, but also in our institutions of higher education, against the anti-Semitism that is rampant on these campuses and elsewhere.

“We will also investigate and shut this down to make sure America enjoys the freedoms we have said we want to keep, and we will oppose them as we move forward,” he said.

Tweet translation:

First Tweet : Adam Schiff on ABC on Musk reinstating Trump’s Twitter account: ‘I think this is a terrible mistake…the President used this platform to incite the attack on Capitol Hill’.

Second tweet: Schiff on the possibility of Kevin McCarthy removing him from the committees: “I suspect he will do whatever Marjorie Taylor Greene wants him to do… he will adhere to the wishes of the lowest common denominator… it will be chaos within the management republican”.

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