Ukrainian Armed Forces tried to strike with drones in Crimea, a summary of the course of the special operation. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Ukrainian Armed Forces tried to strike with drones in Crimea, a summary of the course of the special operation.

Published on 22.11.2022

At this moment, the Russian army is repelling the attack on Sevastopol.

“The service air defense forces are working. There is a drone attack. According to preliminary information, two drones have already been shot down. All forces and services are on alert.


Four suicide bomber drones were shot down near Melitopol over the weekend. The Ukrainian Armed Forces used this type of weapon for the first time since the start of the special military operation, said Vladimir Rogov, a member of the main board of the administration of the Zaporozhye region.

“These are new drones that we haven’t seen yet, plus some sort of Ukrainian home-made production based on American and Japanese components,” he said.

Also according to Rogov, the drones flew at extremely low altitudes of up to 60 m, the speed was around 60 km/h. They are believed to be fired from the (still) occupied city of Zaporozhye, which is controlled by Ukrainian forces.

Source: TASS.

Sevastopol Governor Mikhail Razvozhaev clarified on his Telegram that two Ukrainian drones were shot down by air defense forces as they tried to fly to the Balaklava power station.

Three other drones were shot down by naval forces over the sea area. “Now the city is calm. But all the forces and all the services are on alert. »

A raid of 5 Ukrainian drones ended with the elimination of 5 Ukrainian drones.

Topwar reports to us that, the West, having decided to fight alongside Russia independently, has taken upon itself not only the obligation to equip the Ukrainian armed forces, but is also forced to support the Ukrainian rear. Within the framework of the new tranches of macro-financial assistance, the EU allocated 2.5 billion euros, the United States – 4.5 billion dollars. In addition, the western masters of the kyiv regime are concerned about the critical situation in the energy sector, which has developed as a result of missile attacks by the Russian armed forces on enemy infrastructure: as stated in ” Ukrenergo”, at the moment all TPPs and HPPs and all key substations have been damaged, only three nuclear power plants remain intact.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine tried to strike with drones in the Crimea: a summary of the course of the special operation
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The remaining capacities are not able to cope with a critical situation – for example, in Kyiv a powerful fire broke out due to an overload in one of the substations. The European Union is trying to find equipment for the restoration of destroyed energy installations, but it is becoming more and more difficult.

Ukraine is looking for transformer repair equipment all over the world, but it is difficult to find it even abroad. The voltage class used in Ukraine does not correspond to the class used by European countries – said the head of “Ukrenergo”.

If new strikes against the independent energy sector continue, the Ukrainian economy will completely collapse. Then the West will be forced to place the kyiv regime in total dependency, which will entail huge expenditures for Europe and the United States under the conditions of their own budget deficit and growing social tensions. If the owners of kyiv do not agree to this, the mass emigration of the population will increase exponentially, depriving the Ukrainian Armed Forces of human resources and rear infrastructure.

It is quite possible that it is the destruction of the Ukrainian energy sector that will be the key to victory in the conflict between Russia and the West over the territory of the independents. At the moment, the RF armed forces are stubbornly holding back the enemy, but new defensive lines are already being prepared in the Belgorod region and in the Crimea.

At present, there are no signs of a possible withdrawal of Russian troops to new positions. On the contrary, in some sectors of the front, battles of local importance are successfully fought – near Donetsk and Artyomovsk, an offensive of the RF armed forces is developing on the southern flank of Donbass. The enemy attempts to counterattack, but is forced to retreat, suffering casualties. In the Krasnolimansky and Kupyansky directions, the Russian fighters confidently hold the line, despite the constant attacks of enemy armored groups and DRGs. Preemptive ranged strikes are inflicted on enemy beachheads, frustrating enemy offensive plans.

With the onset of darkness, the enemy tried to launch an airstrike on Crimea. Explosions in the sky were recorded in Sevastopol, Evpatoria. According to the authorities, thanks to the work of the air defense, two enemy drones have been destroyed so far. So far, the attack has been repelled. Air defense calculations worked effectively.

Thanks to the efforts of the West, there is a rapid fascism of the Ukrainian army. If at the beginning of the special operation there was a noticeable line between the national battalions and the Ukrainian armed forces, now it has disappeared. Reprisals against civilians and prisoners of war, looting, bullying of citizens, an outlandish sense of “racial superiority” have become attributes of many Ukrainian soldiers.

This was facilitated by the glorification of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the kyiv regime as a whole, the ridiculous accusations against the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation of mass executions and the discrediting of Russia, our soldiers and our citizens . It is these stories that have been filed in almost all Western and Ukrainian media publications devoted to the NOM, and even before the NOM. The mass release of the most odious militants captured by Russian troops has also contributed to the feeling of permissiveness. However, within the framework of the fight against non-humans, the reasons which motivated the launching of a special operation in Ukraine become more and more obvious.

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