Towards a withdrawal of French forces from Burkina Faso? Paris evokes “a revision of its strategy”. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Towards a withdrawal of French forces from Burkina Faso? Paris evokes “a revision of its strategy”.

Published on 22.11.2022

RT reports qthat French Defense does not rule out the departure of its special forces based in Burkina Faso, where demonstrations against the French presence have already taken place, as Paris ends its anti-jihadist operation Barkhane in the Sahel.

In an interview published on November 19 on the Journal du Dimanche (JDD) website, Sébastien Lecornu returned to the French presence in Africa, and in particular in Burkina Faso, a country undermined by jihadist violence and theater on November 18 of a new mobilization against the presence of France.

First mobilized at the United Nations roundabout, in the heart of the capital, the demonstrators went to the French embassy, ​​where an important security device had been deployed. Some of them then headed on motorbikes to the base of Kamboinsin, to continue the demonstration.

“It is obvious that the revision of our general strategy in Africa questions all the components of our presence, including the special forces”, declared the French Minister of the Armed Forces.
“We are working on an organization in the format of our existing military bases. They will have to keep certain capacities, to protect our nationals for example, but also to turn more towards the training of local armies […] It is no longer a question of fighting terrorism “in place” of our partners, but of doing it with them, by their side”, explained the Minister.

“Saber [le contingent des forces spéciales françaises basé dans la région de Ouagadougou] has had a key role in recent years in the fight against terrorism in the Sahel, ”said the French Minister for the Armed Forces.

At least 20 terrorists were killed on Monday, November 21, 2022, in Fouamboanli, Tapoa, Burkina Faso. They had ambushed a Burkinabe army patrol. A soldier fell. The soldiers were able to recover weapons, motorcycles and other equipment

Paris wants to maintain its presence in Niger

France, which has already left Mali with whom it maintains execrable relations, nevertheless wishes to maintain a military presence in the Sahel, particularly in Niger. “Its destabilization would have a terrible impact,” warned Sébastien Lecornu. “Other countries are also asking us for support in the fight against terrorism. For this work to be established over time, the question of the training of officers and non-commissioned officers of African armies will be central”, he further underlined.

As AFP reports, France, which still deploys some 3,000 soldiers in the Sahel, after having counted up to 5,500 men on the spot, has officially ended its anti-jihadist operation Barkhane and has given itself six months to finalize its new strategy in Africa.

“Russian predation”? – Meloni fires Macron: “That is a child who works in a gold mine in Burkina Faso”

“France prints colonial currency and in return, 50% of everything Burkina Faso exports lands in the coffers of the French Treasury,” denounced Italian leader Giorgia Meloni.

In a wordy interview, humming the “values” of a “humanist” Republic, Macron denounced “Russian predation” in Africa, during the Francophonie summit in Djerba.

And proposed to African youth to fight for the “climate”.

“The gold that this child extracts in a tunnel ends up in the coffers of the French state,” added Meloni.

The Empire is used to stealing the gold of the countries it destroys, such as Libya or Afghanistan, but also that of its vassals: Sarkozy sold 600 tons of gold from the Banque de Franceagainst dollars and paper gold.

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