Short summary on the tastes of the president, with the godmother of the next Francophonie summit. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Short summary on the tastes of the president, with the godmother of the next Francophonie summit.

Published on 21.11.2022

Macron appoints Yseult godmother of the Francophonie: what’s the idea? Very far from thinking skin color. Do you think that E. Macron cannot fail to measure the symbolic significance of this appointment? Undeceived you, he knows it very well. Why ? What connects them or rather their common point? : “The hatred of France and the French”, the ” wokismSatanism“, and especially because this woman does not like France too and is a fervent militant of this ” wokism pushed so hard by him through the WEF. Not to mention his tax exile in Belgium….

We have nothing else to add, the images, words and actions speak for themselves, you be the judge!

It’s confirmed, Macron this royally madman of France and the French! Those who doubted it, here is everything is before your eyes. It’s yet another scandal. This guy is literally possessed by the demon and vice versa, has brought with him a whole Macronian caste completely possessed also or under MK-Ultrabut also a part of French people who still have not understood their mental state with what they are doing and where they are taking them.

Sarkozy, Hollande and all their successive governments responsible and guilty of having allowed the annihilation of our France to happen and still does. Oh yes, that was your plan too, but you know that in your plan the Russos/Muslims will hunt you down and chastise you all, it’s written and you know it, because that day is near after the annihilation of three others European countries. It all started in France and it will all end in France. Watched in order these countries: Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Spain.

Good choice Macron! #Francophonie Yseult! Easier to deal with “Wokism” than to make peace with Russia, which of course you don’t want.

The words below sung by there pseudo “godmother” to Macron of the next Francophonie summit:

While we’re at it, an introduction to Satanist Estrosi:

In their inverted world everything is normal, for satanist Estrosi this is ok art, but obscene mister Estrosi and even of a diabolically pedophile nature, it’s time to wake them up and let’s all get this out, President Putin’s words are etched as far as Western leaders are concerned! What’s in there that the French don’t understand?? No but frankly, explain to us!! Ashamed, to vomit, we are really ruled by a caste rotten to the marrow…

After Lola, Another 14-year-old girl killed yesterday under the impulse of a mental patient of their caliber, because driven by their projection, and justice has two organized speeds. You are all responsible for these murders.

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