In the Twitter series, Damien Viel, CEO of Twitter France, announces his departure. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

In the Twitter series, Damien Viel, CEO of Twitter France, announces his departure.

Published on 21.11.2022

Right after Elon Musk started tackling the issue of posting child sexual exploitation on Twitterafter years of inactivity of the platform on the subject under the former management. The general manager of Twitter France announces his resignation? To see a preview of this article, click here

Sputnik reports that the general manager of Twitter France announced his resignation while a wave of layoffs hit the employees of the social network, including in the upper echelons.

“It’s over”: Damien Viel, general manager of Twitter France, announced that he was leaving his post on the social network, without specifying whether this departure was his decision or not, after “seven incredible and intense years”.

“Pride, honor and mission accomplished. Goodbye #twitterfrance. What an adventure ! Which team ! What encounters! he just tweeted.

His previous message dated back to November 4, when Twitter, acquired by Elon Musk shortly before, began a global wave of layoffs. “All my thoughts, my respect, my energy and my love to the tweeps (nickname of Twitter employees, editor’s note) around the world today. We have built together the most incredible application on the planet,” he wrote.

Before being appointed CEO of Twitter France in 2015, Damien Viel was YouTube’s sales director for Southern Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

His departure comes as the future of the social network at the blue bird seems very uncertain after a week as turbulent as the previous ones, between new bleeding of the workforce and restoration of Donald Trump’s account, a source of controversy.

In early November, CNN reported that Twitter had laid off almost all of its employees. its only African office in Accra, just days after its inauguration.

We discover Damien’s wife. Old who is Karine Vieland which proudly displays the logo of “Agenda 2030”in his video. But nothing new under the sun, a staunch globalistElon is forcing the indirect Macronie to begin its dismantling., Thanks Elon.

The symbols will be their offcuts: As a reminder : the occult satanic pagan symbolism in the COP27 logo went unnoticed except for them of course and us.

Symbolism of the logo: sun (worship to the Sun god, Lucifer) + eye of Providence/omniscient (all-seeing) + hands collecting sacrifices.

The self-deified elites of ancient Egypt, who imposed on the populations the offer of sacrifices to the deities (they), illustrated in painting the sun god Aten by a solar disc, whose rays of the disc, which stretch downwards, end with hands sometimes bearing the ankh, a symbol of eternal life/immortality in Egyptian paganism.

The hand-shaped sunbeams represent the hands of the sun god retrieving sacrificial offerings.

Images 1 & 2: COP27 logo (Egypt, 2022)
Image 3: Akhenaten, Nefertiti and their child offer sacrifices to the sun god Aten.
Images 4, 5, 6, 7: hands of the sun god recovering the sacrifices.
Image 8: Simplified summary of symbolism

And the latest with Guru 2: “We need a one world order” – E. Macron, recidivism and officially signs the disastrous will of the guru of Davos. When you are sick, well… You are sick!!

Macron talks to us about the “NWO” “NEW WORLD ORDER” or “NOM” “New World Order”. But doesn’t all this make you think of the “NAZY WORLD ORDER”?

The upside-down Nazi symbol appears on French President Emmanuel Macron’s podium at the G20 APEC convention in Indonesia. Those who posted this info on Facebook have been blocked.

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