E. Macron defends the policy of firmness on visas and “at the same time” in the midst of a social crisis, he lends 200 million euros to Tunisia. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

E. Macron defends the policy of firmness on visas and “at the same time” in the midst of a social crisis, he lends 200 million euros to Tunisia.

Published on 21.11.2022

Emmanuel Macron on Saturday defended the policy of firmness on visas, believing that it was beginning to bear fruit.

“This heat wave of the last few months has had an effect,” the French president told journalists on the sidelines of the Francophonie summit in Tunisia. “We see that the returns (of expelled migrants) are facilitated,” he added.

In September 2021, Paris had decided to reduce by 50% the number of visas granted to Algeria and Morocco to put pressure on governments deemed too uncooperative in the readmission of their nationals expelled from France. The refusal rate had reached 30% for Tunisia.

This hardening has triggered waves of indignation on social networks and acrimonious articles in the media in Morocco and put a chill in relations between Rabat and Paris.

“I think that at least we have had a real debate in recent months on the subject of visas,” said the French head of state. He highlighted the fact that people in an irregular situation were the fruit of “organized trafficking”. “As part of our partnership,” countries need to take them back, he argued.

The refusal to take back deported nationals “is not acceptable”, he also insisted. “The susceptibility is on both sides. France has the right to be susceptible too,” he said.

Emmanuel Macron reiterated his support for “student mobility, economic, academic and political mobility”.

This mobility has been “endangered by many countries which have not kept their commitments vis-à-vis France”, he insisted.

“It is not acceptable that we do not take back foreigners in an irregular situation who were identified as dangerous and disturbing public order”, concluded the French president.

Source : AFP

⚠️ LISTEN below! Alexandre DEVECCHIO:

● Unaccompanied minors cost the departments 2 billion €!

Please note, if anyone still has doubts… Extension of family reunification for foreign minors, September 10, 2018… by Macron!

France: in the midst of a social crisis, Macron lends 200 million euros to Tunisia.

  • On the sidelines of the 18th Francophonie summit held in Tunisia, France, represented by Emmanuel Macron, announced a loan of 200 million euros to help a Tunisian economy weakened by years of political crisis. social
  • Strengthen Franco-Tunisian friendship weakened in recent years by the migration crisis. And to lay the foundations for a new partnership between France and Tunisia, Emmanuel Macron does not skimp on the means
  • He takes out the checkbook and puts 200 million euros on the table.
  • “France will grant a loan of 200 million euros to Tunisia, which is going through a deep economic crisis aggravated by the war in Ukraine, President Emmanuel Macron announced on Saturday to his Tunisian counterpart, Kaïs Saïed”, reports the French media. .

“We need a one world order” – E. Macron, recidivism and officially signs the disastrous will of the guru of Davos. When you are sick, well… You are sick!!

Macron talks to us about the “NWO” “NEW WORLD ORDER” or “NOM” “New World Order”. But doesn’t all this make you think of the “NAZY WORLD ORDER”?

The upside-down Nazi symbol appears on French President Emmanuel Macron’s podium at the G20 APEC convention in Indonesia. Those who posted this info on Facebook have been blocked.

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