An old crown scandal is resurfacing, which is why the new King Charles III is reportedly being pressured to abdicate and pass the crown on to his son. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

An old crown scandal is resurfacing, which is why the new King Charles III is reportedly being pressured to abdicate and pass the crown on to his son.

Published on 21.11.2022

We don’t usually do the people or the sensational, but for such crisp news as this, for the memory of Diana and to finish more quickly with her satanists of pseudo English monarchy, we could not pass to rate without make you a short article on the subject, it’s up to you to continue your research, which of course will certainly be defended again and again by the cabal, ” everything is normal “ in short, the usual manipulation of course with the WEF which is his landmark now.

“I could be gay”: Charles III, this stunning statement to Diana, even Gala tells us about it. Memories resurface since Charles III took over from his mother, Elizabeth II. In a new book announced for November 8, Christopher Anderson recounts the underside of Charles and Diana’s marriage: numerous arguments, in front of the staff, giving rise to dark exchanges.

Here is the list of sites that talk about it:

This article below was published on June 1, 2016 by an American tabloid which claims that Prince Charles is gay and publishes photos of an outrageous “kiss”.

The May 19 edition of Globe Magazine had a cover saying that “Charles was caught kissing a toy boy”, that he was disowned by William and Kate and that his wife Camilla is filing for divorce. what is the truth?

US tabloid claims Prince Charles is gay, splashes photos of scandalous 'kiss'
Prince Chalres. Photo: Reuters

By Vivek Surendran : Is Prince Charles gay?

  • Was he “caught” kissing a “toy boy”?
  • Is Queen Elizabeth upset? Won’t she crown him king?
  • Are William and Kate mad at Prince Charles?

The cover of the May 19 edition of an American tabloid, Globe, which reads ‘Charles caught kissing a toy boy’ with a picture of the Prince and a young man sharing what appears to be an intimate moment . The cover also reads “The Prince is disowned by humiliated William and Kate!” and “Furious wife Camilla DEMANDS divorce!” “.

Photo: Twitter/@AJ_amyjoydonut

Yes, “disavowed” and “request” in capital letters! This is not the first time the Globe has reported this information. See another Globe cover (June 3, 2013) that says “Prince Charles is gay”.


According to the May 19 Globe article, Buckingham Palace is in shock and upset at having to deal with yet another ‘gay’ scandal after Prince Harry. The article begins with “Prince Charles’ secret gay life has come to light in shocking photos of the lovesick prince kissing with his boyfriend! and says Charles’ mother, Queen Elizabeth, is “stunned” by the pictures and now “more determined than ever” to make her favorite grandson, Prince William, her heir.

The article continues: “After greeting his secret lover, the prince and the handsome young man embrace and share a passionate and deep kiss. They also dare to write: “Charles’ taste for men certainly comes as no surprise to his wife, Camilla, according to a royal family insider”, and even accuse him of “taking advantage of the homosexuality of Charles to fulfill her lifelong dream of being made queen. Not stopping there, Globe also says that once made queen, she would leave the marriage with a king’s ransom.

What is the story between Globe and the Windsors?

Globe has in the past published articles claiming that Queen Elizabeth was on her deathbed and decided to pass the throne to William, not Charles, one article claiming that Princess Diana had a secret daughter and another that Kate was pregnant with twins. The Globe has a reputation for publishing stories that are the figment of its editors’ imaginations and not based on solid evidence.

Even the last article, with supporting photos, does not seem very convincing. Previous allegations about Prince Charles

In 2003, George Anthony Smith, Charles’s former footman and valet, claimed to have seen Charles and Michael Fawcett, one of Charles’ favorite servants, having sex one morning while he was on his way to Charles’ room to serve him his breakfast. Smith also claimed to have been raped by Fawcett. Smith’s claims were denied by Simon Solari, another former servant, who said: “It would not have been Smith’s job to look after the prince or serve him tea in his room, was a job for the head valet”, and that the Prince of Wales does not have breakfast in bed.

Charles’ statement on tampons

A private conversation between Prince Charles and his wife Camilla has leaked. Charles is heard saying he would like to be reincarnated as a tampon for her to use.

Can this man be gay?

For all we know, it could be. Or he could be straight, or even bisexual. Does her sexuality really matter?

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The latest news from the Palace reports this below:


Since this tabloid revealed this information. King Charles is under pressure to abdicate and pass the crown to his son, Prince William, as shocking details of his sordid secret ‘Gay’ life emerge and shake the monarchy to its foundations, according to a new report.

An MI5 file detailing nearly 60 years of same-sex trysts with boarding school buddies, butlers and blue bloods has been handed over to Britain’s Parliament.

In the 1990s, former palace valet George Smith claimed to have caught the future king in an “unmistakable sexual position with a male royal aide”. Smith, now deceased, made a taped confession to Princess Diana – the evidence mysteriously disappeared after her death in 1997.

The source said: “Queen Elizabeth is said to have ordered the tape to be found – and destroyed. »

Hidden ‘gay antics’ of King Charles III during Princess Diana’s wedding revealed in bombshell report

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