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The boomerang effect, Iran bans the import of French cars.

Published on 20.11.2022

Iran has banned the import of French automobiles due to Paris’ ‘unprofessional behaviour’ and will not allow it to pressure the country’s auto industry and market through the use of sanctions, said on Friday, November 18 the Iranian Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade.

“Given the unprofessional behavior of the French people in recent years, we will no longer allow the registration of orders and the import of Renault, Peugeot, Citroën and other French car manufacturers,” the spokesman said. ministry, Omid Qalibaf, reports the French-speaking Iranian site PressTV.

He said that no license had recently been issued for importing cars from France, pointing out that the Iranian auto industry was now focusing only on non-French products, mainly from Japan, China and from some European countries.

The decision was taken as tensions between Tehran and Paris have escalated in recent months following the riots erupted in Iran after the death of a 22-year-old Iranian woman, Mahsa Aminiin mid-September.

Using the protests as cover, rioters and thugs – many of whom had ties to foreign parties – went on a rampage, engaging in savage attacks on security guardsacts of vandalism, desecration of sacred places and false flag killings of civilians to incriminate the Iranian police.

France was one of the European countries to interfere in Iranian internal affairs. She strongly criticized what she called a “crackdown on protests”, with the European Union imposing a series of sanctions on Iranian officials and entities.

French President Emmanuel Macron met with a group of Iranian dissidents last week and pledged support for the so-called “revolution” in Iran, prompting a strong reaction from Tehran.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani condemned the meeting. He said it was “regrettable and shameful” that Macron had expressed support for the riots.

Some French nationals have been detained in Iran in recent months, with Iranian Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi calling them on Wednesday “French intelligence agentswhich will be treated in accordance with the law.

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