Shooting in an LGBTQ + nightclub in the United States, at least five dead. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Shooting in an LGBTQ + nightclub in the United States, at least five dead.

Published on 20.11.2022

E1 brings us back that a shooting took place on Saturday evening in an LGBTQ+ nightclub in Colorado Springs in the United States, leaving at least five dead and 18 injured, according to an initial report by the police. The club announced an LGBTQ+ event on Saturday to mark Trans Remembrance Day, which is celebrated internationally on November 20.

At least five people were killed and 18 others injured Saturday night in a shooting at an LGBTQ+ nightclub in Colorado Springs in the United States, police said. “There was a shooting at a local club tonight. We have eighteen people injured and five killed,” police spokeswoman Pamela Castro said.

The LGBT club called ‘Club Q’ where 5 people were killed and 18 injured after a man armed with a long gun entered the building and fired. The suspect is currently being treated at a local hospital. In a statement on its Facebook page, “Club Q” said it was “devastated by this senseless attack on our community.”

Authorities said they have identified the suspect in the fatal shooting at a Colorado LGBTQ club. It is a 22-year-old man named Anderson Lee Aldrich, they claim to have found “at least two firearms”, adding: “I can confirm that the suspect used a long rifle during the shooting. »

The “upset” club

Police responding to a call around 11:57 p.m. local time (6:57 a.m. Sunday) reporting a shooting in progress at this local club, named Club Q, “located an individual inside who we believe to be the suspect “, she continued. For its part, Club Q thanked for the speed of their reaction “the heroic customers who subdued the shooter and put an end to this hateful attack”, according to a message posted on Facebook. The club says it is “shattered by this senseless attack on our community”.

The club had announced an LGBTQ event on Saturday, a night “with all kinds of gender identities and performance styles” on the occasion of the Trans Day of Remembrance celebrated on November 20 internationally. Colorado Springs police said they are planning a press conference early Sunday morning on the shooting.

On June 12, 2016, an American of Afghan origin, Omar Mateen, killed 49 people and injured fifty others in a gay club in Orlando (Florida, Southeast), the Pulse, perpetrating the worst attack in the States States since September 11, 2001. The American President Joe Biden marked the fifth anniversary of the Orlando massacre last year by announcing that the club would become a national memorial.

How to analyze this tragedy, of course we denounce this violence, but it has the image of our last articles posted below:

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We repeat it again when a population, in this case the ” NON LGBTists“, we say the “ NOPE ” not the “ANTI” as for the ” VACCINE “ of the “non-injection and anti-Vaccine”feel more and more still stigmatized, piled up as scum of society, or worse dragged into this chosen way of life, that they (LGBtists) willy-nilly draw a whole world into it, through the WEF, you should not complain that this kind of scene just like that of Brazil come back more and more. Indeed, religion, sexuality is a private matter and must in no case be shown or shown, see exposed knowingly, voluntarily has disgusted the world, on TV sets, Network, Box, parade, singers, etc. , see oblige, in public, or worse voted laws which not only for purpose, go in this direction, lowering, by the fact, the others “camps as a certain Prefect says”, all over the world. An inverted stigma corresponding to that of the inversions of values ​​is also in progress, so that in fine this plan involves our children from the earliest age in this process that they did not choose!!

So since the doxa makes a supernatural forcing to promote this debauchery and no one wants to listen to those who refuse this doctrine, there will be always and again and again this kind of curse that will spread in the world and rather than live their difference quietly, no one will be able to walk in the streets anymore, it is a real world reflection and not GLOBALIST that the WEF voluntarily and dangerously triggered by his “Wokism”, which follows their plan for global depollution, sorry for you LGBTtists but you are also an integral part of their “plan”, do not believe that they want you happy, if you don’t didn’t understand, and the crew of the WEF are the only ones responsible for it with their “government courts”.

Result : It will be very difficult for our children to find a “normal mental” balance in this Forced Wokist world, which only serves to hide pedophile networks of all kinds in order to circumvent and pervert our credulity on the subject. Because between a network of migrants in the US commissioned by Biden, etc. and those in Europe serving these said networks too, or migrant rapists, notorious pedophiles on the loose, organized pedophilia by our governments under the control of the WEF organizer and its Young Global Leader“, supported by the entire LGBTQQQ+++++ mafia empire, without justice. A question comes to us :

Are we really forced and forced to undergo this willingly or by force, because at this rate MIVILUDE will have a lot of work with us for the denunciations of his white collar and rainbow perverts, prepare for the worst, but protect your children, because for them it’s now or never to warn them, so much the swamp is full and will be difficult to empty.

RIP to those who died in this attack

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