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Reminder, do you know who hides under the nickname “Red Dragon” in France?

Published on 20.11.2022

We have always told you, everything started in France and everything will end in France.

Epstein, Weinstein was a small matter.” ?? Well, we are curious to know the French extent in this pedophile network, “Truth on the Move”.

Hondelatte Tells: Yves Saint Laurent, unofficial story (Full story)

At the start of the 1990s, the great couturier Yves Saint Laurent was at his worst: alcohol and cocaine threatened his equilibrium and his ability to create. Pierre Bergé then recruited a gigolo, Fabrice Thomas, whom he asked to become Saint Laurent’s lover for 36,500 francs per month. It’s up to him to get it back on its feet so that it can ensure the next collection…


Friday, October 27, 2017, the Quebec television channel TVA broadcast an interview with journalist Denis Lévesque with Fabrice Thomas.

Employed in the service of businessman Pierre Bergé (between 1982 and 1989) and driver of fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent (between 1990 and 1993), Fabrice Thomas recounts his experience in a book that has been completely ignored in France since its publication ( dated October 12).

The author says in particular that the couple – two “sex patients” with whom he also acted as a regular sadomasochistic partner – also maintained “continuous relations” with “young lovers” in Marrakech and turned a blind eye to the pedophile practices committed. by relatives in their local property (acquired in 1980) of Jardin Majorelle.

REMINDER: investigative journalist, I am currently the subject of “prosecutions and diligences” initiated by François Molins, superstar prosecutor of the Merah/Charlie/Bataclan cases and discreet collaborator of the pro-Israeli clan. The pretext: I would have “damaged the honor of Pierre Bergé” (patron of the France-Israel Foundation who died on September 8 and depositary of a complaint against me for “defamation”) by evoking (in an article published in 2014) the mention of his surname in a police investigation relating to Franco-Moroccan pedophile networks.



Thursday, November 9, Sud Radio broadcast an interview with Fabrice Thomas, former employee of businessman Pierre Bergé (between 1982 and 1989) and former driver of fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent (between 1990 and 1993).

Fabrice Thomas recounted his experience in a book completely ignored in France since its publication (dated October 12).

During the radio interview, Fabrice Thomas – who had presented Pierre Bergé in his book as a “sex slaver” – reiterates his criticisms of his former employer and ex-lover.

Twice (beginning and end of the interview), Pierre Bergé is notably described by Fabrice Thomas as a “satanic” character.

Subsidiary piece of information: badly mastered and concentrated on superficial points relating to the Bergé/Saint Laurent relationship, the interview with Fabrice Thomas was generally flawed and politically sanitized because of the bad interviewer – the polemicist André Bercoff.

The darling of the identity-based and Islamophobic ultra-right (Valeurs Actuelles, Fdesouche, Tv Libertés, Riposte laïque, Le Figaro, Boulevard Voltaire and others), the Franco-Lebanese Bercoff (a long-time friend of the “kabalist” Jacques Attali) is particularly close to the Zionist movement.

In November 2015, a video posted on Youtube shows this pseudo-“big mouth” of the news singing “I love you, KKL!” in tribute to a radical Israeli group (accused of anti-Palestinian ethnic cleansing) which had then invited him to Israel.

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Real time

Video Wall reports: In 1967, Éditions Tchou published “La Vilaine Lulu”, a controversial comic strip by Yves Saint Laurent. Yves Saint Laurent, La Vilaine Lulu : pedophilia, torture, rape, disappearance and sacrifice of children

“This work […] depicts a large number of child abuse including kidnapping or human sacrifice, satanic rites and idealizes pedophilia in the sexual debauchery of children. There is a reference to Catharism and scenes of anti-Catholic violence”.

The most serious thing is that our National couturier declared that this comic strip was directly inspired by real events and that he completely adhered to the philosophy of his ugly Lulu. Did his sidekick Pierre Berger participate in these murderous orgies? Given the description made of this pervert by his lover Fabrice Thomas, one would be tempted to believe him…

Lacquer and dragons : the story of the most expensive armchair in the world

Sold in the collection of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge in 2009 for nearly 22 million euros, Eileen Gray’s remarkable “dragons” armchair is the most expensive decorative object of the 20th century.

Does this chair remind you of anything?

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