Pure wokism, scenes that will now unfortunately go viral, under the eyes of our children, through the networks. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Pure wokism, scenes that will now unfortunately go viral, under the eyes of our children, through the networks.

Published on 20.11.2022

EShoje.br reports to us that a man who identified as a “trans woman in Brazil, who with whom the confusion ends in a fight and scares the patients of the Vila health center in Nova Scotia – ES TODAY

A confusion frightened people waiting for treatment at the Vila Batista health unit in Vila Velha. According to the reports, two transvestites started a discussion which led to a body fight. The case occurred on the morning of Friday (11).

In a video circulating on social networks, it is possible to observe the moment when two transvestites drag another by the hair, hitting and slapping him. On social media, one of those involved in the confusion posted a video explaining what happened.

During the display she said she went to the health unit to get some donations for people who helped her and when she got there she found another transvestite who was screaming and offended health care professionals.

Also in the post, she said the transvestite started a series of curses against her, the moment she fought back and the two started a fight. In the video, she also indicates that after the event, she went to the people present at the reception and apologized.

The military police and the civilian police were called in search of more information on this case. As soon as the answers have been submitted, the story will be updated.

Result : It will be very difficult for us children to find a “normal mental” balance in this Forced Wokist world, which only serves to hide pedophile networks of all kinds in order to circumvent and pervert our credulity on the subject. Because between a network of migrants in the US commissioned by Biden, etc. and those in Europe serving these said networks too, or migrant rapists, notorious pedophiles on the loose, organized pedophilia by our governments under the control of the WEF organizer and his “Young Global Leader”, supported by the entire LGBTQQQ+++++ mafia empire, without justice. A question comes to us:

Are we really compelled and forced to undergo this willingly or by force, MIVILUDE will have a lot of work with us for the denunciations of his white collar and rainbow perverts, prepare for the worst, but protect your children, because for them it’s now or never to warn them, so much the swamp is full and will be difficult to empty.

In the meantime, in BRAZIL 🇧🇷 on 19.11.2022, protests against the LULA government continue, with a particular patriot.

Eduardo Bolsonaro, son of Jair Bolsonaro, says the “machine evidence” is just one of many things Brazil’s electoral tribunal must consider. The Brazilians will continue to fight!

*This clip was at CPAC Mexico via Ben Bergquam.

On 18.11.2022 truckers and Indians support BOLSONARO and start closing BRAZIL. They ask for help from THE ARMY to SAVE THEIR COUNTRY.

👉 Even the INDIOS are protesting for BOLSONARO, because they don’t want radical foreign environmentalists to take their land and tell them how to live.

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