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Flash, new hallucinating revelations on FTX, and it’s cotton.

Published on 20.11.2022

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The case takes a new turn, while not only the money that has served the US Democrats (or even elsewhere, follow our gaze, let’s wait for the investigation), here is that a sex tape from FTX could mark a low point for the crypto market. Explanation in video and below.

The FTX Sex Tapeand the other FTX implications explained by Idriss Aberkane below, the case would be sprawling, but that we already knew.

In the wake of the latest FTX-related scandals, crypto influencer Cheds (@BigCheds) which has over 291,000 subscribers predicts that the release of FTX’s “sex tape” will signal a new low.

Now, anything that appears to have been in contact with former FTX director and founder Sam Bankman-Fried and Alameda Research director Caroline Ellison appears to have been tainted amid an overall market downturn.

The investor @jpeggler who specializes in the NFT industry also tweeted similar predictions to those 54,000 followers that the SBF “sex tape” would act as the marker of a low point for prices in the crypto ecosystem.

FTX sex tape: a release date?

If this is indeed a real item and not just a rumor, the FTX “sex tape” was supposed to be released on November 18 at midnight. For the moment, social networks are still waiting.

@WhaleChart posted the above message, allegedly from an ex-FTX employee.

November 16, @WhaleChart posted the following message, from a former FTX employee.

SBF and Caroline (Alameda) must be held responsible. Their sex tape will be released on 11/18/2022 on this uncensorable webpage.

Former exchange FTX, now bankrupt, is the target of rumors that the project was fueled not only by fraud, but also by drugs as well as a series of sex scandals from its offices in the Bahamas.

Update: The site owner has now said they need “more looks” before posting the video, and that another update will be posted tomorrow.

You are free to browse this site at your own risk, but if you just want to know if the sex tape is a real document then sites like Know Your Meme are reporting on this story still being written.

FTX Insider Claims that an uncensored sex video between disgraced Sam Bankman-Fried and Alameda CEO Caroline Ellison will soon be released.

A supposed anonymous source of FTX claims to be in possession of a sex video that allegedly involves the polyculture of Sam Bankman-Fried and Caroline Ellison of Alameda Research, two major players in the scandal and the crash of the cryptocurrencies.

This information was posted on a website that claims it cannot be censored by anyone and said it would release the sex tape on November 18, unedited or cut, if the two were not held accountable. Interestingly, this also contradicts the previous belief that different communities and people already had copies of the supposed sex tape.

News of the sex tape spread quickly on social media, and many have already created memes and talked about it as if they had seen it, expressing their satisfaction and profound life-changing experience after seeing it.

This then gave rise to a discussion in the crypto spacewhere many spoke about the alleged crime itself and their actions wondering if they would see the sex tape if it were released.

It is currently unknown whether this is a simple hoax, a troll elaborate or whether the supposed sex tape actually exists. Despite this, the viral story of the FTX crash apparently continues to get crazier with each passing day.

The FTX sex tape (shock supposedly) by caroline ellision & sam bankman-fried, will be or rather a video that may look like what we already know, namely this:

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