A new battle is looming, the rise of the new law of the Assizes on the fight against sectarian aberrations and conspiracy will be held at the beginning of 2023. – L’Informateur. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

“Pavilion at the sea and car pennant of Philippe Petain.
The flag of the “French State” is the French tricolor flag, without any particular distinctive mark of this regime. Without a brand, wikipedia tells us?

A new battle is looming, the rise of the new law of the Assizes on the fight against sectarian aberrations and conspiracy will be held at the beginning of 2023.

Published on 20.11.2022


It is the newspaper l’express which makes the apology, on 2.11.2022.

While platforms around the world are gradually being unblocked, recently D. Trump’s Tweeter account, and many others, the French DS in the pay of the Chinese CCP is overzealous and formalizes a “Stazi” of the political thought, but not only, as long as it takes. Because not only can it be seen very clearly now, but they announce it to you just as clearly as in 1940 with Pétain, and the list of censored people really begins to lengthen afterwards: RT, Sputnik, Rumbleand so many others through Facebook, YouTube, etc. They can no longer accept that the French discover the reality of their plan that they are obliged to pass laws to come to what they have always endorsed, through the WEF (who is the Guru of the government and whom we will also all have to denounce to the MIVILUDE, as well as all their excesses carried out in the COVID period, the boomerang effect) and of Ukraine lately, Nazism, here we are back under ” Vichy”, a battle of Guru against Guru is announced, explanation :

Vichy poster incriminating the Resistance. General Secretariat for Information and Propaganda, Bedos & Cie printing works, Paris, around 1943. Those who do not understand where the fight is and in what period, these posters below were produced in 1943, we are in 2023 for theirs with the same recipes, the same methods are used in the same symbolism of the dates, for information, the war ended in 1945.

Explanation : The rise of the new law of the Assizes on the fight against sectarian aberrations and conspiracy will be held at the beginning of 2023.

The sectarian excesses in this case, they include a lot of things in there: people who will do naturopathy / phototherapy on plants, magnetizers, people who will do personal development / gurus, “sacred feminine”, neo-pagans, the anthroposophical movement of thought that wants to be close to nature and who sees the world as moved by spiritual forces, and conspiracy as a consideration also for people who do not go if vaccinated.

The Mivilude plays the role of an administrative police of minds, which searches for scapegoats and stigmatizes small groups.

Among the areas that generated the most reports: health (744 referrals, including 520 related to unconventional care practices), the “Christian movement” (293 referrals) with in particular evangelicals, personal development and coaching (173 referrals), shamanism and psycho-spiritualities (159 referrals), the antivax movement (148 referrals), or even meditation and yoga (116 referrals).

The rise of conspiracy is also particularly worrying: “Everyone has the right to believe what they want, of course, but we find that these theories are often used as an entry point to practices that can give rise to control,” recalled Sonia Backès, who announced the holding at the beginning of next year of Assizes of sectarian aberrations and conspiracy.

This seems to indicate a balance of power now more favorable to the “free-thinking” pole, because Miviludes seizes the subject by lying, it undermines democracy, and does not protect anyone. It will stigmatize some spiritual minorities and justify the repression of “deviant thoughts”, understand “different”, and misses the real victims of abuse, in the name of the State!, But their “sexual deviance” encouraged by this government and justice is not mentioned, it bears a name WOKISM.

The Miviludes thus plays the role of a dictatorial control of the State which would plug into the brain of the people and would use its motor, sensory, and even psychic equipment to express its own thought, connected to the unique thought.

Establish single thought, impose the tyranny of the average… the tools of authoritarian centrism.

Kill freedom of thought, kill free will

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