URGENT, did AJB see clearly before the others with the “FFL” – FONCIÈRE FINANCIÈRE LIBRE? Why ? Because a revolution is happening in the USA right now and it’s not pretty. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Has Juving-Brunet seen clearly Again before the others with the “FFL” – FONCIÈRE FINANCIÈRE LIBRE? Why ? Because a revolution is happening in the USA right now and it’s not pretty.

It is very important to understand the speech this morning from Captain To Juving Brunet and why, he launched the FFLhe understood everything before the others in this struggle for the survival of peoples, in this case for France today and it is not beautiful what is happening, it is more than urgent to counter their diabolical plans.

Published on 19.11.2022

We have all understood the Machiavellian plan of Klaus Schwab and the WEF with, its corrupt set up through the governments of the World. Their plan put in place is the direct abolition of the notion of property, and donations to children, etc. nothing will belong to you except to them of course!! All this for the whole of humanity, whether real estate first, movables or material (car, motorcycle, truck, etc.) so that, you are obliged to rent everything you need to live, completed with all under total population control. That they are financially with all the means that you know now, Climate Pass, Health Pass, QR Code, Crypto EU and US of the DS and Medium Global surveillance videos, 5G, compulsory vaccination three times a year, and obligation to feed with (The Green Sun) satanist foods, and many other things enshrined in “The Great Reset” by Guru of Davos KS. They will never stop as long as we let them.

But the Globalists being pushed from all over the world, by D. Trump in the USA, V. Putin in Russia through Ukraine, it would seem that B. Gates having given the “LA” to speed up their process which does not take, but with another completely perverse way, indeed:

They have the financial power and from the legal point of view, they have just put in place a new strategy which allows them to become more “Rulers of the World”, “Landowners of the World” real lands across the planet, which will make it de facto impossible for Humans to buy land, or personally cultivate on it, drastically narrowing the places where we could live in autonomy or survive in culture.

disney | California: Something strange is happening at Disney…

It seems that more and more large corporations are buying land and planning to build “communities” on it.

It’s reminiscent of smart cities, the hunger games, and the favorite quote of the WEF “you will own nothing and be happy”.

Understand now what is at stake to change, it is no longer just for them to govern the world! They are now expected to grab power and land, “Rulers of the World” Passing by “World Landowners”they then become before our incredulous eyes “Masters of the Complete World”. We need to act fast before they buy it all up fast Dominion style. shenanigans and company. Find all the Captain’s videos here in our articles, explaining the “Free Francs” and especially why we are forced to put in place all these systems to survive the crash that will happen wanted by the Globalists.

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