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Prisoners of war killed by Ukraine? Russian Defense denounces kyiv’s “savagery” (Video)

Published on 19.11.2022

RT reports that after the publication on social networks of videos showing the execution of protagonists presented as Russian soldiers who had just surrendered to their enemy, the Russian Defense on November 18 accused the Ukrainian army of the “massacre of prisoners of war disarmed Russians.

No regrets, no mercy: a slogan painted on the helmet of a Ukrainian rookie during training in the south of England, in October 2022 (illustration image).

And for good reason, several Internet users, including German journalist Julian Röpcke – who regularly comments on the twists and turns of the conflict in Ukraine – shared images showing, for some, the execution of several men in the courtyard of a house, while others expose several inert bodies lined up on the ground.

According to a version put forward by some, the scene in question dates back at least a week and concerns soldiers from the Donetsk territory.

The Human Rights Council at the Kremlin wants an international investigation

AFP reports two videos while explaining that it is not able to know immediately where, when, by whom and under what circumstances these images were taken.

The Human Rights Council to the Kremlin, an advisory body attached to the Russian presidency, affirmed on its Telegram channel on November 18 that these executions had been committed in Makeevka, a locality in the Donetsk region, whose attachment to Russia was announced at the end of September by Vladimir Putin.

The President of the Council, Valériy Fadeïev, announced that he would ask for “a reaction from the international community and an investigation”.

“This is an ostentatious and despicable crime. It is the violation of all possible conventions prohibiting the ill-treatment of prisoners of war, of the norms of international law and quite simply of morality,” added the Russian official.

The Russian Investigative Committee, for its part, announced the opening of a criminal investigation on the basis of “constituent elements” of murders committed in groups as well as inhuman treatment of prisoners of war by resorting to prohibited means. in an armed conflict.

“Military investigators from the Investigative Committee [cherchent] to identify the people who made this video of violence. Other acts of instruction and operational measures are put in place to elucidate all the circumstances of the facts, ”said the institution.

For his part, the acting head of the People’s Republic of Lugansk, Leonid Passechnik, declared on the same day on the Zvezda television channel that he knew the first and last names of those responsible for these alleged war crimes.

“These monsters have signed their sentence. They will be found and will suffer the punishment that is necessary in time of war”, he assured.

He also said that the international community was silent on alleged crimes committed by Ukrainian forces.

Russian Defense denounces a “systematic” practice on the part of the Ukrainian armed forces

Denouncing “the savagery of the current regime in kyiv, led by Zelensky, and of those who protect and support it”, the Russian Ministry of Defense for its part assured in a statement posted online on November 18 that “in the same time, the Ukrainian servicemen who surrendered this week are being held in accordance with all the obligations of the Geneva Convention relative to the treatment of prisoners of war”.

“No one will be able to present the deliberate and systematic assassination by bullets fired directly into the head of more than ten Russian servicemen immobilized by bastards of the Ukrainian armed forces as a “tragic exception” in the context of the alleged general respect by the kyiv regime of the rights of prisoners of war”, further thundered the Russian Defense according to which this example is “neither the first, nor the only war crime” perpetrated by the Ukrainian army.

“This is a common practice in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, actively supported by the kyiv regime and which its Western bosses stubbornly ignore. […]. But Zelensky and his henchmen will have to answer before the tribunal of history, before the peoples of Russia and Ukraine for each tortured and killed prisoner,” the Russian ministry further stressed.

A few hours later, Maria Zakharova, spokesperson for Russian diplomacy also posted a statement online in which she denounced “new evidence of crimes committed by Ukrainian neo-Nazis”.

“We have repeatedly drawn the attention of the international community to the cruel and inhuman treatment of Russian soldiers detained by Ukraine. Regularly broadcast videos by Ukrainian Armed Forces fighters themselves show murders, tortures, humiliations, beatings they inflict and so on. […] The many proofs of these crimes have all been ignored by the “collective West” which gives kyiv its active support”, regretted the representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“We demand that international organizations condemn this intolerable crime and investigate it carefully.

No atrocities committed by Ukrainian armed groups will go unpunished. All perpetrators and accomplices will be identified and given the punishment they deserve. No one will escape punishment,” she concluded.

Asked by AFP, a UN spokesperson explained: “We are aware of these videos and are reviewing them.” The Ukrainian authorities have so far not reacted to these accusations.

UN has ‘credible allegations’ blaming Ukrainian forces for POW executions

Since the launch of the Russian offensive in Ukraine at the end of February, the two camps have repeatedly accused each other of inflicting ill-treatment on prisoners of war.

In a report published on November 15, the UN said that many prisoners of war captured by both sides were subjected to torture and ill-treatment.

The UN had also indicated that it had received “credible allegations” of summary executions of Russian prisoners of war captured by Ukrainian forces and several cases of torture and ill-treatment.

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