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Electricity, targeted cuts if the French do not lower their consumption in January?

Nov. 19, 2022, 12:04 p.m. – With AFP

RT reports that the French Energy Regulatory Commission has warned that targeted and rotating electricity cuts could be organized in January in the event of too cold weather and if the French do not reduce their consumption during alerts.

An employee of the French electricity transmission network operator RTE works on the renovation of very high voltage lines around Areches-Beaufort (Savoie), in September 2022 (illustration image).

The president of the Energy Regulation Commission, Emmanuelle Wargon, warned the French on November 19 that they could be subject to targeted and rotating power cuts from January.

“We thought that the risks would start in November or December, and now we are calmer, we are really reassured about November and December, on the other hand as there have been lags [de remise en production de certaines centrales nucléaires] at EDF, we have a form of concern or vigilance for January”, she declared on France Info.

I am very convinced that on the first day of Ecowatt rouge, everyone will take it seriously.

According the forecasts published on November 18 by the electricity network operator RTE, in January, EDF should be able to supply 40 gigawatts (GW), or 65% of the installed nuclear capacity. “We are more around 50, or even at most around 60 GW. However, we will be around 40, and with 40 GW, we don’t have much room for manoeuvre,” explained Emmanuelle Wargon regarding capacities at this time of year.

The manager assured that there would be “no blackout“. “The system that jumps, it won’t happen. The worst that can happen are targeted, decided cuts that rotate from one city to another,” she said before adding: “I am very convinced that the first day Ecowatt [dispositif d’alerte] red everyone will take it seriously ”to reduce its consumption punctually and thus avoid a cut, she continued.

The manager of the electricity transmission network RTE warned the day before that there was now a “high” risk of tensions on the French electricity network in January, due to the slower than expected restart of EDF nuclear reactors.

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