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These pan-Africanists who make Françafrique tremble.

Published on 18.11.2022

Two anti-colonialist and pan-Africanist militants occupy the forefront of the media scene and become the sworn enemies of the French establishment as well as the sponsors of Françafrique.

They are the Swiss-Cameroonian Nathalie Yamb, declared persona non grata by French President Emmanuel Macron and Kémi Séba, the Franco-Beninese, who has become an idol of African youth hostile to the French military presence in Africa and organized looting. of the continent’s wealth and which is added to the takeover bid on African economies via the colonial currency, namely the CFA.

In her latest video, Nathalie Yamb responds to Emmanuel Macron’s incessant attacks against her and African sovereignists.

“Forbidding me to return to French territory cannot prevent me from continuing to speak of France with all the resonance that you fear and which makes you tremble. Not coming to France is not a punishment for someone who doesn’t give a damn about France and who, on the contrary, fights its African policy all year round,” she stresses.

It should be recalled that the Pan-Africanist activist wrote on her Twitter account on the eve of Macron’s visit to Algeria:

“Unlike the tour he has just done in the colonies of Cameroon, Benin and Guinea Bissau, you will see that he will choose his words with great care. If there are people who have taught the French to respect them, it is the Algerians. Behind closed doors, he will talk about Goïta to Tebboune. Just as he went to talk about Touadera to Biya. Mali, CAR, are his obsessions, because their emancipation is equivalent to the irrevocable end of abundance and carelessness for the French elites”.

The pan-Africanist fight of Nathalie Yamb has nothing to envy to that of the Franco-Beninese Kémi Séba, who has become a symbol of this African youth hostile to French neocolonialism, nostalgic for Thomas Sankara and other Patrice Lumumba.

Kémi Séba considers it necessary to breathe new life into the fight of Africa which has not got rid of neocolonial domination, despite the recovery of independence for more than six decades, and which proved to be a redeployment of neocolonization, as well illustrated by the looting of African natural resources and the diktat of the colonial currency the CFA imposed on the economies of 14 African countries.

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