Investigation of the “Ocean Viking”, which seems to have for vocation a humanitarian aid of the most special that you would have imagined, but organized under your eyes. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Investigation of the “Ocean Viking”, which seems to have for vocation a humanitarian aid of the most special that you would have imagined, but organized under your eyes.

Published on 18.11.2022

Open your eyes wide, there were only young or very young men and a few young girls on board this boat. At the helm: Sophie Beau, co-founder and CEO of SOS Méditerranée in front of the Ocean Viking, the NGO’s new rescue boat, in partnership with Doctors Without Borders (also at the heart of the pedophile system, see here). Photo AFP/Clément Mahoudeau

It is the successor to the Aquarius. Ocean Viking is the second rescue boat of the NGOs SOS Méditerranée and Médecins sans Frontières, ok for the BlaBla, now let’s start from the beginning and Listen carefully at 2:28 to what Catherine Nay on Europe 1 explains to us about the Viking Ocean: “Does France have the means to decide who is destined to stay on our soil? », So ! “a lot of homosexuals”?

Questions ?

  • Why does this concern only this social class only and only the most important?
  • Are they their new excuses to return to Europe in the form of the beginning of a False-Flag for future organized terrorism?
  • Or does this simply correspond to the ” wokism set up by the globalists who will feed the pedophile networks French and European?

To make it legitimately simple: Before, they (pedos) were going around the world to do their tourism and sex market, just to avoid getting caught too much in France. Then another more radical means appeared, remember the wave of kidnappings, disappearances, etc. of children, in order to feed their satanic and pedophile networks, which had been set up, (rest assured it still exists, but more closely watched after the multitudes of arrests, in particular the last in France concerning 48 people including a mayor), they would smuggle them over the internet (very much watched today by a special police force), or have them kidnapped across France or Europe, for their “ personal consumption » or in an organized gang, follow our gaze Jack Lang no longer has Epstein and is no longer obligated with his colleagues Frédéric Mitterrand, “Conne Ben Dit”, etc. To go to Morocco now, since they come to them (LGBT “ass” +++++—). Today, as they are closely followed, the trick is unstoppable for the moment, and still surfing on your credulity and your ” Unbridled humanism » now called ” humanitarian aid ” which only has help for “ pedos and humanitarian for “the flesh” in their famous “inverted world”. Just like the same help with Ukraine, where children are also brought back to Europe.

Well all simply, and easily, they have them delivered to their homes, as the saying goes, “the bigger it is, the more it goes”, this scheme is now covered by a new kind of “Uber” Eats here to consume on the spot » « reserved for pedophile networks express”, subsidized by Hidalgo through the mayor of Paris and many others. Which is organized before your eyes and by the “bottom of your pockets” !! Balance sheet who runs the Ocean Viking, which NGO is behind this boat, who finances? Follow the money and you will discover this vast network set up and financed by…? your care. Never forget, never, that satanists love to integrate you into their machiavellian projects, think of the food for example that they want to put in place without agriculture, think of cannibalism, think of their little so-called chemical steak? We stop there, even Hollywood showed it to you in film, because they are obliged to announce it to you, the title? ” Green Sun » .

Listen good at 2:28

Increase in property tax in Paris: “A property tax or a humanitarian tax? “. This Tuesday, he is interested in the sharp increase in the property tax in Paris and the justifications of Anne Hidalgo.

Listen from 3:12.

France ridiculed once again! 26 miners from the Ocean Viking have run away.

Ocean Viking: half of the unaccompanied minors have run away, the right wind up 26 of the 44 unaccompanied minors disembarked from the Ocean Viking on November 11 have already left the reception facilities.

4 illegal immigrants benefited from a procedural defect and are free, 26 of the 44 “minors” have already run away. Darmanin controls absolutely nothing and ridicules our country…

Ocean Viking: Senator Ravier “I saw illegal immigrants at the edge of the beach, not at the edge of the abyss. They spend the day on their phone. They are fed, housed, clothed…” (Video)

Watch “Macron Ocean Viking, G.Collomb confides, the cellar rebels? ” on Youtube, smashing Tweet against the reception of Migrants, caustic interview, G. Collomb explodes Macron. Ocean Viking, a belated awareness? Migrants, ecology, same method to subjugate peoples? Where to feed the networks.

Below BOND, IVAN BOND : This kid COULD be an agent – ​​if so, he’s not doing a good job! A witch hunt for all Russian COLLABORATORS is taking place in the heart of the GESTAPO regime – kyiv – first it is the Russian language which is shunned, now it is the tricolor on a child which is suspect (in a country where almost 40% identify as ethnically Russian) – the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) certainly has its work cut out, or it will finish this child, like all the others right now.

Ukrainian babies and very young children are kidnapped and sold on the Ukraine-Poland border, where elite pedophiles pay up to US$150,000 to buy the babies for their own deranged enjoyment.

It’s just “candy for them right now” , explains Dean, a former British soldier who is surprised by the world of elite pedophilia he has encountered. Dean now works for MitMark, a private risk consultancy firm that “fell” in the fight against human trafficking after arriving near the Medyka crossing point in Poland to embark on risk management projects. crisis. “You wouldn’t think a human could do that to another human,” he said. “It’s beyond terrorism. I’ve fought against terrorism for most of my adult life, but at least they believe in something. Traffickers only believe in greed and money. Life means nothing to them”.

Remember on 6.4.2022, the suicide bombing against the Russian Embassy in Romania. A car rushes against the armored gate of the embassy.

Assessment: The terrorist is dead, his car burned, the armored door of the embassy intact. Will require a new coat of paint. We have just learned that he was Ukrainian, living in Romania, and had just been sentenced to 15 years in prison for pedophilia.

Example of arrests of 2.3.2022: 40 teachers, 9 doctors, 32 volunteers working with children, 6 law clerks, 9 pastors, three host families. Source 1, Source 2, Spring 3, Spring 4, Spring 5. And for France all pass throughESA, do your research, it begins to be known that they provide the “pedos foster family?? »

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