Flash, WOKE Disney, is having its worst day on the stock market in 21 years. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Flash, WOKE Disney, is having its worst day on the stock market in 21 years.

The global Disney pedophile network in sharp decline, or “wokism” in reverse. Continue to boycott these official networks which only have evil on our children, explanation in our articles on this dark and evil world here.

Published on 18.11.2022

Before reading the article, listen carefully at 2:28 to what Catherine Nay on Europe 1, explains to us concerning the Viking Ocean: “Does France have the means to decide who is destined to stay on our soil? », So ? “a lot of homosexuals”!

Questions ?

  • Why does this concern only this social class only and only the most important?
  • Are they their new excuses to return to Europe in the form of the beginning of a False-Flag for future organized terrorism?
  • Or does this simply correspond to the “wokisme” set up by the globalists who will feed the French and European pedophile networks?

To make it legitimately simple: Before, they went around the world to do their tourism and sex market, today, they have them delivered to their homes, « the Uber “Eat here to consume on the spot” for express pedophile networks”, subsidized by Hidalgo through the mayor of Parisis organized before your eyes and through the bottom of your pockets!!

Disney has faced a series of issues with its theme parks and movies, as well as its Disney+ streaming service which has exclusive rights to Disney movies and TV shows.

According to Axios, Disney lost more than $4 billion from its streaming service in fiscal year 2022.

Disney customers reported widespread dissatisfaction with Disney’s price hikes and issues with park cleanliness and malfunctioning rides, which contributed to its stock price plunge.

Disney’s stock lost 41% of its value over the year, an alarming plunge for investors who have repeatedly expressed concerns about the company’s business model.

Disney executives remained optimistic, saying the company’s losses will decline in the months and years to come and that they believe the business will start growing again by 2024.

Tendency : A doctor faces more than $500 billion in civil penalties for telling people to take vitamin D and zinc during the COVID pandemic.

The DC Examiner Reports:

The Walt Disney Company recorded its worst share price decline since 2001 on Friday. The company has struggled and lost with its Disney+ streaming service and has been the subject of serious controversy and harsh criticism from Star Wars and Marvel fans for making poor creative decisions.

Disney executives have assured their worried investors that an upcoming price hike, amid a recession and inflationary crisis that is crushing entertainment budgets, and an ‘ad-tier’ that offers limited content with advertising , will stop the financial hemorrhage, according to Axios.

But as Breitbart reports, that would not be the case. Disney’s stock fell another 13% on November 9, contributing to the overall loss of 44% since the start of the year.

Variety’s Todd Spangler tweeted that Disney lost around $24 billion in market capitalization that day.

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