Dismantling of a network of destabilization in the northwest, evolution in the demonstrations which shake the country. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Dismantling of a network of destabilization in the northwest, evolution in the demonstrations which shake the country.

Published on 18.11.2022


Le Temps.ch reports with various sources and report armed clashes between protesters and security forces in Mahabad, West Azerbaijan province.

An alleged video shows a protester using what appears to be a 12G semi-automatic shotgun during the clashes.

Ayatollah Khomeini’s house burnt down by protesters in Iran.

In Iran, the demonstrations this week coincide with the commemorations of “Bloody November”: three years ago more than 300 people, according to Amnesty, were killed during demonstrations sparked by rising fuel prices.

Security forces in Iran’s northwest province of West Azerbaijan have announced the dismantling of all key members of a security destabilization network, operating under the name “Youth of Urmia Neighborhoods”. », and who played a major role in the recent riots.

More than 25 troublemakers, including 8 women, were arrested by Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps intelligence in the province.

The leaders of this network, linked to spy organizations, worked to deceive young people and teenagers through social networks in order to encourage them to join the riots.

This network practiced banditry and the destruction of public property in the streets of the city of Urmia, in the center of the province, according to the security forces.

The journalist of the Iranian Arabic-speaking channel al-Alam posted on his twitter account a video of the troublemakers armed by the Kurdish terrorist group Komala, based in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Three bassidjis killed in Mashhad, the murderers arrested

Furthermore, the series of assassinations supported from abroad, continued.

Three bassidijis were stabbed to death on Thursday evening and three others were injured by rioters in the holy city of Mashhad (northeast).

The paramilitaries were trying to intervene against these “rioters who threatened traders to force them to close the doors” of their business, Iranian media said.

Shortly after, law enforcement arrested the troublemakers involved in the murder.

A colonel tortured to death

In the province of Kurdistan in western Iran, a police colonel was stabbed to death on Thursday in the city of Sanandaj.

Another, stabbed the day before, succumbed, according to the official Irna agency.

The images below show that he was tortured to death by his killers.

Death sentences

On Wednesday, November 16, three rioters from the province of Tehran were sentenced to death by Iranian justice.

One of the three convicts is accused of carrying out a car-ramming attack on a group of police officers, killing one of them.

The second, using a bladed weapon, attacked a security guard with the intention of killing him. He also set fire to the office building in Pakdasht district, a city in Tehran province.

The third was a leader of rioters who closed roads, sowed terror among the population and attempted to ransack public property. He is accused of banditry.

According to the Mizane (Libra) agency of the Legal Authority in Iran, the judgments rendered are preliminary and subject to appeal.

In the southern province of Hormozgan, 37 pieces of unauthorized hunting rifles and 357 cartridges for hunting and warfare were seized and 13 people were arrested, al-Alam reported.

Reminder on 16.11.2022 Two Revolutionary Guards and a Bassidji killed by rioters

Two Revolutionary Guards and a paramilitary were killed on Tuesday, November 15, by rioters in three localities in Iran, according to the official Irna news agency.

Citing a military source, Irna said Reza Almassi, a colonel in the guards was killed “by bullets fired by a rioter” in Bukhan, a Kurdish-majority town in West Azerbaijan province, northwest of Iran.

According to the same source, another member of the guards Reza Azarbar, who “defended security” was killed by bullets from unknown persons in Kamyaran, a locality in Kurdistan, in the west of the country.

Finally, in Shiraz, in the south, a member of Bassij, a paramilitary force linked to the Revolutionary Guards, was killed “during riots” on Tuesday evening, according to Irna.

“During the riots, a student from a Bassidji religious seminary in Shiraz was targeted by a mololov cocktail thrown by rioters and taken to hospital,” Irna said, quoting Fars provincial prosecutor Mustafa Bahrain. Hit in the head, he later died.

Since the beginning of riots Two months ago, Iranian state media reported that more than 30 members of the security forces were killed in incidents related to the foreign-backed riots.

Separately, at least six members of the Revolutionary Guards were killed in bloody incidents in the city of Zahedan, capital of central province of Sistan-Balochistan (southeast) on September 30.

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