The SBU has placed Ramzan Kadyrov on kyiv’s wanted list. Respondent’s response, “No need to look for me, I’ll pick you up myself.” – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

The SBU has placed Ramzan Kadyrov on kyiv’s wanted list. Answer of the person concerned: “No need to look for me, I will come and get you myself. »

Published on 17.11.2022

Kadyrov on being wanted in Ukraine: You don’t need to look for me, I’ll come to you myself Ramzan Kadyrov, who was placed on kyiv’s wanted list, mocked Ukrainian security services!

“The SBU can’t find me in any way, everyone knows I’m in the center of Grozny, and the stupid Ukrainian security service has put me on the wanted list for the umpteenth time”… Kadyrov noted that even if he “arrives” for a meeting with the SBU, the Ukrainian security forces will not dare to arrest him.

On the department’s website, Kadyrov is listed as “a person hiding from the authorities in charge of the preliminary investigation”. On August 26, the SBU charged Kadyrov under three articles of the Criminal Code, including “waging a war of aggression” and “committing intentional actions to change the borders of Ukrainian territory”.

Kadyrov calls Ukraine a proving ground for LGBT people According to him, sooner or later, the experimentation with “unnatural phenomena” had to pass into an active phase – an open confrontation “with normal people”.

“Ukraine has become a kind of testing ground for all sorts of unnatural phenomena. Nationalism, LGBT societies, radical organizations, sectarians, certain disgusting subcultures – tea-birds and many others”.

This was stated by Ramzan Kadyrov. “Are we going to watch in silence how the many peoples of Russia will abandon everything their ancestors cherished in the name of the immoral values ​​of Western Europe, or are we going to”.

It’s breathtaking! Kadyrov declares that 70,000 Chechens are ready to go to Ukraine….

Kadyrov once again threatened all Satanists in the world to punish them, saying that Russia has enough forces and means.

Earlier in the video (which was not cut), he also said that he would not stop his military activity, even if Putin ended the “special operation”.

Zelensky complains about the strikes that hit kyiv, and Kadirov tells him this (cretin, you think you have the right to hit others and by what right you should not receive it too)

Zelensky says he doubts it’s their missile, as his commander told him it’s not their missile.

Zelensky requested a phone conversation with Biden after the incident with a rocket fall in Poland, but the conversation did not take place – CNN

It is reported that Biden’s national security adviser, Sullivan, called Kyiv after the incident in Poland and urged to be more careful in his comments on the incident with the missile fall in Poland.

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