Flash, a Berlin judge decides to rerun the election after widespread chaos and voting errors skew the results. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Flash: A Berlin judge decides to rerun the election after widespread chaos and voting errors skew the results.

Published on 17.11.2022

In 2021, Germany held general elections nationwide that will now have to be redone in its capital, Berlin, after multiple voting anomalies and irregularities came to light, similar to voting problems seen in the United States. However, US leaders would not consider rerunning an election, even if there is evidence of election law violations.

On Wednesday, the President of the Constitutional Court of Berlin, Ludgera Selting, cited “serious systemic flaws” in the process of preparing for the elections and decided that “the elections to the Berlin House of Representatives and to the district assemblies are declared invalid in the entire electoral area. »

New elections are due to take place in the spring of 2023. According to State Commissioner for Elections Stephan Bröchler, February 12, 2023 is the most likely date.

In the 2021 elections in Berlin, citizens voted on four separate items: the general election for the German federal parliament, the regional election for the city-state of Berlin, local district elections and a referendum on the under government control of some housing. On the same day, Berlin hosted its international marathon, adding to the chaos of the day.

Recent news : USA: An investigative journalist from NYC (Rebel News), received an offer that says a lot about what we have been denouncing from the beginning, concerning what is happening in Ukraine.

On election day, people had to queue for hours to be able to vote. In many polling stations, ballot papers were missing and/or there were not enough ballot boxes. There were also missing ballots, poorly photocopied ballots and others with the wrong candidates on them.

Many people received ballots for the wrong district, which resulted in the invalidation of a large number of ballots. A large number of votes were cast after 6 p.m., the official closing time.

All these problems led the court to decide that the standards for democratic elections were not respected and that a new poll had to be organised.

Wilko Zicht, who is part of the nonprofit election watchdog Walrecht, welcomed the court’s decision, saying,

“Democracy relies on results being accepted, and that is only possible if you can trust the results. These errors could not have been corrected any other way”.
Mr. Zicht also expressed the belief that “the danger would have been greater if today’s verdict had been different. »

“So you could have actually argued,” Zicht said. “Even though something clearly went wrong, how can they just go on and not repeat the election? “.

Just before the 2021 German elections, YouTube announced that it would ban content that suggests the US or German election results were illegitimate, or that “makes false claims that widespread fraud, errors, or glitches have changed the result”, which in this case was not really wrong.

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