The “Russian missile sent” to Poland is a False Flag now officially recognized, even by J. Biden, and that is to say, why? – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

The “Russian missile sent” to Poland is a False Flag now officially recognized, even by J. Biden, and that is to say, why?

Because it served as a red rag to distract you on the official worldwide television announcement of D. Trump Tuesday night at Mar-a-Lago

Published on 16.11.2022

Donald Trump announces his candidacy for the 2024 US presidential election

In their inverted world: Ukraine, which is not part of NATO, has requested the organization of a NATO summit following the missiles that fell in Poland??

It’s a bit like calling a summit of African heads of state because we’ve swallowed chicken mafe sideways. The coke is beautiful and well mounted in the brain of the clown Zelinsky and he no longer knows AT ALL what he is doing. And if we realize (which is now a virtual certainty) that the missile is Ukrainian, suddenly NATO can start to drop it, it’s like with FTX for the democrats in the USA “Too much is Too ” !!

No one in the US wants this conflict to escalate. Biden responding to a reporter and saying: “I don’t want to say that until we fully investigate. But it is – in my opinion – it is unlikely, in the logic of the trajectory, that it (the missile that fell in Poland) was sent from Russia. But we will see. We will see “.

Direct – War in Ukraine: The missile that killed two in Poland could be Ukrainian, according to Biden: “Treason” – “Russian” strikes in Poland: the kyiv regime disappointed by the caution of Warsaw and Biden.

The missile that fell in Poland is unlikely to have been fired from Russia – Biden.

🗣 NATO countries discuss the situation and come to the conclusion that the missile that killed 2 people in eastern Poland has nothing to do with Russia, I believe in the Russian position on the incident – Turkish President Erdogan.

Fragments of the projectile that landed in Poland after the wave of Russian strikes over Ukraine bear a striking resemblance to the missile used in the S-300 air defense systems, used by Ukrainian forces.

Instead of blaming Moscow unequivocally, Warsaw said it was impossible to determine the origin of the fragments of a missile that hit the Polish town of Przewodownear the border with Ukraine.

The kyiv regime would consider offhand Poland’s cautious reaction as a betrayal”.

But the dangerous article 5 of the NATO treaty provides that “an armed attack against one or more of them occurring in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack directed against all parties”.

So the frontal war…

Also, the Pentagon and Biden immediately calmed things down, considering it unlikely that the explosions that shook the Polish city had a Russian origin.

Moreover, the fragments that landed in Poland strongly resemble the missiles used by the S-300 air defense systems of the Ukrainian forces.

But it’s Vincent Hervouet who explains it better to you in “French of course” on E1: “Missiles in Poland: A challenge for NATO”.

Every morning, Vincent Hervouet gives us his view of international news. This Wednesday, he returns to the two missiles that hit Poland, a NATO member country.

Poland: Debris found at the blast site resembles parts of an S-300 anti-aircraft missile, apparently fired by Ukrainian air defense systems.

Bali: the reporter to Biden,Mr. President, can you tell us what you know about the explosion in Poland? »

BIDEN: ” Nope “

Biden then stares straight ahead as the press is evacuated ??

Nice table of winners here!!! Macron does not seem happy to be there and neither does his little darling Trudeau? Look at their heads, something tells us that things are going wrong…

Corrupt media, you know who to track now: “Russians bomb Poland”, “Russians are accused of killing two people in Poland”, “Russian missiles kill two people in Poland”, “Russian missiles hit Poland”. The British media have no doubts.

In the end, it seems that the 2 “missiles” that fell in Poland were S300s used by the Ukrainians in defense against Russian strikes. One of the versions is that 2 missed their targets and went to crash in Poland.

But the second version, given the events of the night, seems more likely: a Ukrainian provocation for NATO to intervene, thus accusing the Russians of having fired on targets in Poland.

Poland has invited international experts to participate in an investigation related to the explosion of projectiles in the east of the country. We have already seen the result of such an investigation recently in the case of the nordstream2 pipeline: results kept secret to be able to continue to accuse Russia…

This seems to have already been decided since in the night the Russian ambassador in Poland was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be yelled at..

After a conversation between Zelensky and Biden, the Pentagon chief assured his Polish counterpart of the American commitment to protecting Poland.

NATO will meet today at the request of Poland.

Biden is calling an emergency meeting with world leaders after the incident in Poland, according to the White House.

Polish President Duda says for his part that there is no evidence who fired these 2 missiles. But NATO buffs seem to disregard his advice.

In addition, we learn that NATO has traced the trajectory of the missiles but curiously does not disseminate the information.

And finally we learn that NATO forces have been brought into combat readiness.

The Russian Ministry of Defense qualifies Poland’s statement regarding the fall of Russian missiles as a provocation with the aim of escalation.

The Russian Defense Ministry denies any missile attack on or near Poland. They are normally quite communicative. If they dropped bombs on Poland, they wouldn’t hesitate to say so.

MoD Russia: Polish mass media and officials commit a deliberate provocation to escalate the situation with their statement about the alleged impact of ‘Russian’ rockets in Przewodów.

  • Russian firepower did not launch any strikes in the area between the Ukrainian-Polish border.
  • Wreckage published by Polish media from the Przewodów scene bears no relation to Russian firepower.

The situation in Poland looks furiously like a provocation with the aim of bringing in NATO. The Polish army began to move armored vehicles to Przewoduv, Lublin.

The Latvian Prime Minister announces an emergency government meeting on Wednesday to assess the security situation and “be ready for further action”.

It is possible that NATO found/fabricated their pretext to intervene in Ukraine directly with armed forces.

A hitherto unnoticed song explained the False Flags to you.

99 Luftballons lyrics

Do you have some time for me?
So I’ll sing you a song
On 99 balloons
On their way to their horizon
Maybe you’re just thinking of me?
So I’ll sing you a song
On 99 balloons
And how it all happened

99 balloons
On their way to their horizon
We took them for space UFOs
This is why a general
dispatched a squadron of planes after them
In order to sound the alarm if this is the case
But there was there on the horizon

That 99 balloons

99 fighter pilots
Everyone was a great warrior
Thinking he’s Captain Kirk
It gave a big fireworks
The neighbors did not understand anything
immediately felt provoked
While we only shot at the horizon
That 99 balloons

99 ministers of war
Match and gasoline can
They thought they were smart
Mostly sniffed the big booty
Screamed war and wanted power
Damn, who would have thought
That we can come to this

Because of 99 balloons

99 years of war
Left no room for a winner
No more Minister of War
Nor fighter pilots
Today I take my hat off
I see the world in ruins
I found a ball
I think of you and I let it fly away

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