Russia counter-attacks, a hundred missiles on Ukraine. Washington reacts to the 2 missiles shot down on Poland. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Russia counter-attacks, a hundred missiles on Ukraine. Washington reacts to the 2 missiles shot down on Poland.

Published on 16.11.2022

At least three waves of missiles fell on Ukrainian territory on Tuesday, November 15, causing destruction of energy objects in the country as winter approached, reported the Russian agency Sputnik.

According to preliminary estimates, about a hundred Х-101 and Х-555 missiles, as well as Kalibr-NK, were launched at Ukraine. It would therefore be the largest attack of this kind since the beginning of the Russian military operation.

Several missiles hit their targets in the capital, kyiv, as well as in the cities of Lviv (west) and Kharkiv (north-east), several districts of which remained without electricity. Explosions were also heard in the regions of Sumy (north-east), Odessa (south), Khmelnitsky or Rivne (west).

The Ukrainian side speaks of 15 energy objects damaged by the strikes. At the same time, the kyiv air force claims to have intercepted “73 of more than 90 cruise missiles” over the country, as well as a dozen kamikaze drones.

Missiles over Poland

Later that evening, Polish media reported that one or two missiles of unknown provenance had fallen near the town of Lublin, killing two people. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has called an emergency meeting of the Government Committee for Defense and Security.

In a first American reaction, the White House assured that it cannot confirm that the missiles which fell on Poland are Russian.

“Certainly the United States is not trying to escalate the situation or incite at all,” Deputy State Department Spokesman Vedant Patel told a conference. press release, in response to a request for comment on Russia’s claims that the allegations are nothing more than a deliberate provocation to escalate the situation in Ukraine.

Since Poland is a NATO country, any attack against it implies a concerted response from the Atlanticist organization.

AFP version: 7 million households without electricity

According to AFP, Ukraine was hit on Tuesday, November 15 by Russian attacks on an unprecedented scale according to kyiv – a hundred missiles – against the energy networks which made the situation “critical”.

“Russian terrorists have carried out yet another planned attack on energy infrastructure. The situation is critical, ”said Deputy Head of the Presidency Kyrylo Tymoshenko on Telegram. According to him, “more than seven million homes” were without electricity Tuesday evening throughout Ukraine.

“What the enemy wants is clear. He will not achieve his ends, ”responded President Volodymyr Zelensky in a short video posted online. “We work, we will restore everything, we will survive everything,” he promised, dressed in khaki behind his desk.

According to him, 85 missiles were fired at Ukrainian cities, from kyiv to Lviv, near the Polish border, and from Kharkiv in the northeast to Odessa in the southwest.

But according to the Air Force, no less than a hundred missiles were fired, including by strategic bombers, “more than on October 10, when the occupants had fired 84”, according to spokesman Yuri Ignat.

In kyiv, where two residential buildings were affected, “the rescuers found the body of a deceased person”, and the rescue operations were still in progress, indicated for his part the mayor of the capital Vitaly Klitschko.

“In the capital, at least half of the (residents) are without electricity,” he said on Telegram. The national operator “triggered emergency power cuts throughout Ukraine”, especially in kyiv, “to balance the network”, he added.

Air defense warning sirens sounded across Ukraine shortly before 3:30 p.m. (1:30 p.m. GMT). A few minutes later, explosions were heard in particular in kyiv, Lviv (west) and Kharkiv (northeast).
“Several missiles were shot down by air defense” over the capital, said the mayor of kyiv.

Lviv, Kharkiv, Vinnitsia, Kremenchuk, Rivne, Sumy, Khmelnistky, Volyn, Odessa regions.. the strikes affected the whole country, and local authorities took turns announcing the damage in their city on social networks, reports the AFP.

More electricity in Odessa, the major port city in the south-west, 80% of power cut in Lviv, the major city in the west of the country, where the metro was blocked, as in Kharkiv, the country’s second city near the Russian border in the northeast..

Moldova without electricity

In Moldova, a neighboring country to the south-west of Ukraine, the Russian strikes also led to power cuts.
“Every bomb that falls in Ukraine also affects Moldova and our people,” Moldovan Foreign Minister Nicu Popescu wrote on Twitter.

The previous strikes that targeted the Ukrainian capital dated back to October 10 and 17, and had above all targeted, as elsewhere in the country, Ukrainian energy infrastructure, in order to deprive the population of electricity at the approach of winter.

In return, Ukrainian strikes on the Russian region of Belgorod, bordering to the northeast, left two dead and three wounded, the governor of the region, Viatcheslav Gladkov, indicated on Telegram.

After Kherson, the Russians leave Nova Kakhovka

The massive strikes on Ukraine came four days after Russian forces withdrew from part of the Kherson region, including the southern city of the same name, after more than eight months of presence.
According to AFP, the Kremlin had to resolve it because of a counter-offensive by the Ukrainian army, galvanized by the weapons delivered by the West. Russian troops had already had to withdraw from the north of the country in the spring, then from the northeast in September.

According to AFP, a sign of the difficulties of the Russians on the ground, the occupation authorities in the Kherson region, which Moscow claims the annexation, had to abandon a new city, Nova Kakhovka. This city is located on the left (eastern) bank of the Dnieper, where Russian forces had withdrawn last week because they could not hold the right (western) bank, where Kherson is located.

After the Russian withdrawal on November 11 from the right bank of the Dnieper, “Nova Kakhovka found itself under direct fire from heavy artillery and mortars of the Ukrainian armed forces,” the pro-Russian administration said.

Putin shuns the G20

The strikes also occurred in the middle of the G20 summit in Indonesia, shunned by Russian President Vladimir Putin who did not even wish to speak there by videoconference.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba stressed on Twitter that kyiv was “awaiting a reaction in principle from the G20 summit”.

“These Russian strikes will only deepen concerns within the G20 about the destabilizing impact of Putin’s war,” White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said in a statement.

After a three-hour meeting the day before with his American counterpart Joe Biden, Chinese President Xi Jinping, so every frown at his Russian ally is scrutinized, according to AFP, had admitted to being “very concerned” about the conflict in Ukraine.

But Moscow, which had dispatched its head of diplomacy Sergei Lavrov to the scene, gave no sign of wanting to stop its attacks.
“All the problems come from the Ukrainian side which categorically refuses negotiations and puts forward manifestly unrealistic demands” by first demanding the withdrawal of Russian forces from its territory, he declared.

Mr. Lavrov left the summit on Tuesday, “as planned” according to the Russian public news agency Ria Novosti.

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