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G20: the meeting between the Chinese president and the British Prime Minister canceled.

Published on 16.11.2022

The meeting scheduled for Wednesday, November 16, on the sidelines of the G20 between Chinese President Xi Jinping and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has been canceled, Downing Street said.

DEEP DIVISION AT THE G20 IN BALI : The United States, Great Britain and Germany castigated Russia in this territorial dispute… Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Argentina refused to comply with the imposition of anti-Russian sanctions! Difficult to envisage a hope of PEACE!!!

This meeting “has been canceled for scheduling problems,” a spokeswoman told AFP.

It was to be a first in nearly five years for leaders of the two countries with strained relations, and one of the major meetings of this G20 for the new head of the British government, who came to power at the end of October.

The G20 summit, which is being held in Indonesia, was shaken up after Russian strikes in Ukraine and the fall of missiles in Poland, which was still unconfirmed.

The leaders of the great powers of the G7 (United States, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, Japan) held an emergency meeting on the sidelines of the summit.

During this interview with Xi Jinping, Rishi Sunak, who a few months ago called China a “main threat” to global security and the United Kingdom, was to call for “a frank and constructive relationship between London and Beijing”, according to a statement issued earlier by Downing Street.

Faced with the current crises, with the war in Ukraine, the economic crisis, global warming, he was also to call on Beijing to use its influence to “appease international tensions, ensure regional stability and play its role in dealing with the devastating repercussions of the war in Ukraine in the world”.

Relations between London and Beijing have deteriorated considerably in recent years.

China “is committed to promoting, together with the UK, the stable and healthy development of China-UK relations on the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit”, said reacted for its part the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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On the other hand, Xi Jinping scolds Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau for “water hole” during the G20 conference: “Everything we discussed leaked in the newspapers, it is not appropriate. That’s not how we do things. »

Xi Jinping berates Trudeau in front of the cameras for leaking their interview to the media

Trudeau was cornered at the G20 by the Chinese leader, not happy.

“Everything we discussed yesterday was leaked in the papers. It’s inappropriate and it’s not how our conversation went,” Xi Jinping said. according to Canadian mediaTrudeau reportedly referred to Chinese interference in the 2019 Canadian election.

The Chinese leader also noted that the talks must be sincere, “otherwise it will be difficult to say how it might end.”

Xi Jinping tried to pull out, but Trudeau held him back and said that “in Canada, we believe in open and honest dialogue.”

The Canadian Prime Minister added that there would be disagreements between the two countries on certain issues.

Xi Jinping, in turn, retorted to Trudeau to “first create the conditions” for dialogue.

President Donald J. Trump Still Refers to China’s Xi Jinping: ‘He’s President for Life’

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