Democrats panic as evidence links Democratic billionaire cryptocurrency donor ‘FTX’ to possible money laundering scheme in Ukraine [VIDÉO]. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Democrats panic as evidence links billionaire Democratic cryptocurrency donor to possible money laundering scheme in Ukraine [VIDÉO].

Published on 16.11.2022

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Democratic mega-donor Sam Bankman Fried is under federal investigation after his cryptocurrency exchange firm FTX went bankrupt. He is accused of mishandling his clients’ funds, leaving Democrats to try to distance themselves from the fallout just after accepting his vast contributions to their campaigns just weeks before. But this is only the beginning of the corruption. It turns out that Ukraine is one of FTX’s clients. Cryptocurrencies are not known to be stable investments, so why would Ukraine take money from the United States to invest in FTX? An alarming cycle has taken place; the US gave funds to Ukraine for their war with Russia, they invested in FTX, and then FTX turned around and gave the money back to the Democratic Party, PACS and candidates.

Bankman Fried is the second largest donor to the Democratic Party, behind Soros. He used his money to inject $38 million into Democratic causes during the 2022 election cycle. His donations were mostly focused on green energy initiatives and electing Democratic candidates like Senator-elect John Fetterman in Pennsylvania. Fetterman was expected to lose his race against Dr. Oz after his disappointing performance on the debate stage, where he struggled to form coherent sentences.

Who is the bodyguard and who is the senator

Tendency : USA: To follow Donald J. Trump make his major announcement live from Mar-a-Lago.

Jesse Watters called the situation the biggest financial fraud case in US history. He said $2 billion disappeared, leaving FTX bankrupt. Watters said Bankman Fried’s funds helped prevent a red wave in the midterm elections. Bankman Fried also had closed meetings with Biden and his team. He was in the White House in the spring, when the United States was sending billions of dollars to Ukraine.

“It’s bigger than Bernie Madoff, but unlike Bernie Madoff, who got rich off a Ponzi scheme, the Democratic Party got rich off FTX.” FTX burst onto the scene in 2019, and it spent $10 million putting Joe Biden at the White House in 2020. And the guy who runs FTX, the second-largest Democratic donor in the midterms after Soros, of course, spent $40 million to get Democrats elected.

The Democratic Party is in the midst of the biggest financial fraud case in US history! #JWP

Watters continues,

“Ukraine was an investor in FTX. You might be wondering why a country in the midst of war invests in crypto? Shouldn’t they buy weapons, or I mean, if they have to invest in something, doesn’t crypto seem a bit risky for Zelenskyy? Wouldn’t you want an investment with a solid rate of return and years of stable growth? No. Zelenskyy was thinking of giving it to a guy living in a tax haven fresh out of college with funny hair. Well, when the Democrats send you billions of dollars worth of weaponry, the least you can do is reward their favorite megadonor. »

“Is it war profit? Or money laundering? » Watters asked.

Was the money even Friedman Banks to begin with? Where was the customers’ money?

Friedman Banks said he expected to give “over $100 million in the next election cycle.” Watters went on to say that Friedman Banks’ brother is also involved with Democrats, “he has a job in Congress, works on the Financial Services Committee, and he works for a Democrat.” »

Watters noted when the story came out right after the election, saying: “Nobody noticed until a week after the Democrats kept the Senate,” Watters concluded.

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