“Access to Treasury Direct Account” by Danlboon – 11.16.22

Entry Submitted by Danlboon at 7:12 AM ET on November 16, 2022

How do we get access to our Treasury Direct Account as a US Citizen to get a loan from a bank or just tip off the bank loan personnel prior to the NESARA/GESARA, QFS, the USTNs and RV availability?

Trump’s Special Announcement on Tuesday really appeared to have nothing to do with NESARA/GESARA, the QFS, the RV or the Republic, yet as for his ‘2024 Bid’ to run for president of the US CORP it was just another stall tactic to draw in others that are against him and bring them out into the open. Conspiracy theorists keep coming out and saying the only way things are going to change is for the people to vote in the proper people and Trump is just one of the elite, as nothing is coming out of what has been said on NESARA/GESARA, the QFS, the USTNs and the RV as nothing is happening according to them.

We The People are still waiting and need some immediate cash to survive or else they will lose their jobs, go into foreclosure and even become homeless as the timeline is still not being revealed, as it is to store cash, food and other necessities for 60-90 days, yet that has been coming out for the last 6 months, and we do not have the funds or the storage room for all that, and that cannot happen if you are homeless.

People have been receiving loans for the last 100 years by making collateral available to the bank and having a high credit score to receive one penny. It has been said by several people that we do each have a Treasury Direct Account per our Birth Certificate or Certificate of Live Birth via our Social Security Number, but accessing it truthfully is very hard as the details have not been revealed.

Some have already brought up that you must remove yourself from being a US Citizen and claim your Sovereignty, yet some of us do not know how to do that or are not in that position to survive 6 months or more to fill out all the necessary government paperwork to become Sovereign People as you must have some survival funds available.

Would going to a bank and informing the bank loan personnel and asking for a personal loan of $10,000 – $20,000 for a short term of one year help? Yet in order to get that loan you are to tell the personnel to tell the bank manager that you know they have the new ‘United States Notes’ in their vault, the Federal Reserve System is bankrupt and now under the control of the US Treasury, and that by accessing your availability to any loan based on your SSN they are in reality providing your Treasury Direct Account funds to you and no payments back are needed, but you will use this loan to build up your credit score. The bank loan personnel should already know that the funds are available and not based on your credit score. Thus with the info you gave them the bank manager should approve this small loan as you have info that only the top bank personnel would know about.

Check it out, they want some business while they are going bankrupt! They still want customers!



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