The Israeli army becomes “the laughing stock” of the media, it bombs on the border with Iraq and is robbed at home. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

The Israeli army becomes “the laughing stock” of the media, it bombs on the border with Iraq and is robbed at home.

Published on 15.11.2022

Israeli observers have violently criticized “the flaws and the fiasco” of the Israeli army, the day after a break-in and theft of a large quantity of ammunition in an Israeli military base.

On Saturday November 12, “individuals broke into the Israeli military base of Tznovar (Tsnobar) in the Golan Heights, near the town of Katzrin, during the night from Friday to Saturday, and stole more than 100,000 ammunition,” reported the public broadcaster Kan.

Some 70,000 bullets and 70 grenades disappeared from Israeli military base Tznobar in occupied Golan Heights

According to the media, the thieves managed to enter the base to carry out their operation without anyone noticing. The Israeli military has opened an investigation with the Shin Bet internal security service to determine the circumstances of the theft.

“The incident of the theft of weapons from the military base in the north is part of a series of flaws and failures” in the army, lamented the military correspondent of the Israeli television channel Channel13.
He pointed out that “the army has spent millions on protection in recent years, with a special plan to protect Israeli army bases, but the robbery incident has made it a laughing stock”.

“It is unreasonable for an Israeli army to attack Iranian arms convoys on the borders of Iraq, and at the same time become the mockery of everyone inside Israel,” he said, stressing that This “is a real blow to the entire Israeli army, in the north and in the south, and in all the bases. »

According to the first elements of the investigation, reports the website of Israeli television i24“some 70,000 5.56 millimeter bullets, the type used in the IDF’s most commonly deployed assault rifles, are missing, along with 70 grenades designed to be launched from an M-203 grenade launcher. , mounted under the barrel of an assault rifle”.

Reporting that the Israeli occupation army had “entered into a giant project to protect 90% of the arms depots by means of advanced means”, the correspondent of Israeli television Channel12 believes that it is therefore very difficult to penetrate and steal weapons.

“But it looks like stealing ammunition is easier than that, which is a violation of red lines,” he said.

According to him “the damage is much greater than the ammunition that has just been stolen”. “Because the damage is detrimental in terms of awareness, as they manage to enter an Israeli army base every time and take ammunition from under the soldiers’ noses,” he explained.

The event is indeed the second of its kind.

Last month, i24 reports, unidentified individuals broke into the ammunition warehouse at Sde Yemen (Sde Timan) base in the Negev from where they stole around 30,000 rounds of weapons from the Givati ​​Brigade.
After the incident, the base’s surveillance was reinforced and its defenses were improved.

According to i24, for several years, the army has been confronted with robberies in its bases committed by both soldiers and criminal gangs. The media does not rule out that “stolen ammunition will be used in future terrorist attacks”, referring to Palestinian resistance operations.

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