A transgender former teenager is suing a medical group and hospital for allowing her to undergo a medical transition when she was underage, which caused “permanent and irreversible mutilation and damage” to her body. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

A transgender former teenager is suing a medical group and hospital for allowing her to undergo a medical transition when she was underage, which caused “permanent and irreversible mutilation and damage” to her body.

Published on 15.11.2022

A former transgender teenager from California is suing the medical group and hospital that encouraged her to undergo gender transition at the age of 15, saying it was the only option that would allow her to break free from his mental illness and live a happy life.

18-year-old Chloe Cole was put on puberty blockers when she was 13, which caused joint pain, low bone density and ongoing symptoms of UTI. She underwent a double mastectomy when she was just 15, and was prescribed puberty blockers and transgender hormones at the same age. Now, three years later, she deeply regrets those permanent life-altering decisions.

Chloe Cole, 18 years old

Today, she is suing those responsible for encouraging her to transition medically when she was still a minor. On November 9, his legal team submitted a letter of intent to sue Permanente Medical Group, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, and several physicians who “performed, supervised, and/or advised transgender hormone therapy and surgery on Chloe Cole when she was between 13 and 17 year “.

The letter explains that the medical personnel involved in this case “forced Chloe and her parents to undergo what amounted to a medical experiment by spreading two lies. The first lie alleged against the defendants is to have “falsely [informé] Chloe and her parents that Chloe’s gender dysphoria would not resolve unless Chloe underwent a social and medical transition to be more like a man. »

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The second lie perpetrated by medical “professionals” was that Cole was at high risk for suicide, which could only be corrected through social and medical transition. Cole’s parents were also emotionally manipulated, and reportedly given the following ultimatum: “Would you rather have a dead daughter or a living son?” “.

Cole spoke to the Catholic News Agency in September, where she revealed her parents were ‘frightened and desperate for answers’, and were forced ‘under extreme duress’ to sign her agreement for the treatments of transition.

Kaiser Permanente is accused of gross negligence in handling Cole’s case, subsequently causing “permanent and irreversible dismemberment and damage to his body.”

Chloe Cole before her detransition

The letter from Cole’s legal team clarifies that although medical teams assured him that his distress was the result of gender dysphoria, which would be resolved after he transitioned, his mental state only worsened. .

“Indeed, her mental health and suicidality issues worsened significantly after she underwent the double mastectomy,” the letter states. “Chloe came to realize that the solution to her problem did not lie in surgery and hormones, as she had been advised, but in a change of mental perspective. She realized that the only way for her to be happy was to mentally accept her biological sex and choose to live a life consistent with her natural sex. »

“Chloe suffered physically, socially, neurologically and psychologically. Among other harms, she suffered bodily mutilation and lost social development with her peers at milestones that can never be reversed or regained. »

The complaint also alleges that the consent form she signed before receiving the puberty blockers and hormones “did not contain any specific information regarding the actual risks of testosterone and puberty blockers.”

“The adults who were supposed to take care of me and guide me as a child failed to do so and they will take responsibility,” Cole told the Epoch Times.

In a separate statement, Cole said,

“My teenage life was a culmination of excruciating pain, regret and, above all, injustice. The worst part is that I’m not the only one suffering. I will ensure that the blood and tears of detransitioners like me are not wasted. It is impossible for me to recover what I have lost, but I will ensure that no child is harmed by the hands of these liars and mutilators. »

The 18-year-old especially regrets that she was robbed of “the beauty of motherhood” before she was old enough to fully understand what she was giving up.

Cole seeks “punitive damages based on evidence of malice, oppression and fraud.” However, its ultimate goal is to “set a precedent that will change the landscape of these barbaric processes and create a pathway for others in transition to seek justice.”

Harmeet Dhillon, one of the attorneys representing Cole, issued a statement on the case, saying, “The medical system should not dictate the future of young children’s lives. Through this legal action, the ‘professionals’ involved will be held accountable for their despicable plot to maim children and profit financially. We will break the cycle that causes them to break our children before it’s too late. »

Kaiser Permanente has 90 days to resolve this matter or respond to the Letter of Intent before legal action is taken.

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