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“Cleanup ARMY TAKES POWER STATEMENT” by General, Villas Boas.

Published on 2.11.2022

What is happening in Brazil at the moment – ​​there is nothing about it in our media, in contact with someone who lives in São Paulo…..

Explanation from this person: “Brazil’s Supreme Court overturned the trials in which Lula was convicted, freed him from prison and challenged the elections. During the election campaign, he still helped him by giving him more advantages than Bolsonaro. He created a censorship law here in Brazil that prohibits anyone, including the media, from talking about Lula being a former detainee, and has even gone so far as to order the arrest of those who disobey. Then, during the elections, they tampered with the electronic ballot boxes, which are not technically secure, and elected the ex-con Lula. Now people are on the streets in every city in Brazil demanding military intervention. Truckers have closed roads and are not letting anyone in or out of towns. Tomorrow is the deadline and they have 72 hours to stop Lula or there will be a civil war in Brazil.

Truckers and farmers work together to oppose the selection of corrupt criminal Lula”.

How on earth can a CONVICTED crook run for president again and get his job back? ? ???


Warehouses at Rio de Janeiro’s main food distribution center are on fire in Brazil.

Mass protests across Brazil, besieging the military command in Rio de Janeiro. They ask military leaders to arrest Lula: “We will not allow a corrupt criminal to rule us!” »

Letter from General Villas Bôas on Lula’s victory, General Villas-Boas lists what can be expected of a PT government. “The destruction of citizenship and the ridicule of patriotism,” says an excerpt from the letter published by the former commander of the army.

General Villas Boas, former commander of the Brazilian army, published a letter on social media in which he expressed his expectations for the victory of President-elect Lula. The document was released before the election results.

In the text “what can we expect from an opposition government”, the soldier speaks of “destruction of civility, mockery of patriotism and national symbols, disrespect for the Constitution and support for dictatorships”. Villas Bôas also claims that Lula will be responsible for unemployment and the destruction of the country.

In another passage, the general asserts that education will be contaminated ideologically by the left, “forcing on children the acceptance of real perversions”.

Letter from General Villas Bôas
“Dismantling of the productive structures so painfully recovered, creating a basis capable of maintaining itself without depending on governments; Return of growing unemployment, offset by demagogic social programs. Submission to globalissimo with the consequent loss of national identity.

The destruction of civility; patriotism and national symbols will be mocked; The ideological contamination of education, imposing on children the acceptance of real perversions; The return of the national imposture that young people give themselves in the face of the labor market; The loss of the value of speech and life; The replacement of truth with stories; The loss of itching due to the use of lying; Dysfunction of institutions; Failure to respect the Constitution; The relativization of the sovereignty of the Amazon; Nature above people; On Indians as tools for NGOs and international organizations; Foreign policy guided by ideological sympathies; Support for dictatorships; The disappearance of worship and honour, of the homeland and of freedom; The despair of people who wear green-yellow. ”

Cleaning ARMY TAKES POWER STATEMENT of the General, Villas Boas.

“Without major inconvenience, we have declared that the Presidency of the Republic of Brazil is unclear, so we have suspended the National Congress and remove all of us from their functions as ministers of the Supreme Court and from zero hours on 10/31/2022.

Thus, the Brazilian government supports the armed forces and the military junta which governs until December 31, 2023.

Since then, all parties have died out and they are permanently banished with legitimacy and totalitarian ideologies.

Active politicians who have no restrictions on corruption participate in shaping a new party formula.

We do this at the request of the Brazilian nation

General Villas Boas »

It looks like the military will go into action all over South America at the same time.

Military Sao Paulo, Brazil

Bolsonaro rejects defeat in Brazilian presidential election

Brazilian Military Power 2020 | Army | Special forces | Navy | Air Force.

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