Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden, at the heart of a corruption scandal, the GAFAM, the intelligence services, the FBI, the media have come TOGETHER to hide the crimes of H. Biden. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden, at the heart of a corruption scandal, the GAFAM, the intelligence services, the FBI, the media have come TOGETHER to hide the crimes of H. Biden.

The GAFAM, the intelligence services, the FBI, the media have come together to hide the crimes by Hunter Bidenson of current US President Joe Biden.

“459 crimes are described in Hunter Biden’s computer, when his father Joe Biden was Barack Obama’s vice president and Poroshenko was president of Ukraine:

“Mark Zuckerberg had instructed to censor any post about this Hunter Biden case on Facebook”

Hunter Biden, compromising files? : Last Friday (21/10/2022), the Marco Polo Foundation distributed to all members of the American Congress a detailed report on acts of corruption and the escapades of the son of President Joe Biden, Hunter Biden.

I’m Garrett Ziegler and I’m a former Trump White House staffer. And that’s just 1% of the degeneracy, debauchery and criminality that’s on Hunter Biden’s laptop that was dropped off drunk at a Delaware laptop repair shop in April 2019 and never been recovered. Under Delaware law, the contents of this laptop became the property of the store owner after 90 days.

My little research group, Marco Polo, has a copy of the laptop. And we want to write a comprehensive report…which is analogous to the Mueller report – on real foreign collusion.

The Mueller report was a two-year escapade that cost the American people more than $15 million and found no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians.

In this laptop, here we not only have foreign collusion, but we have money laundering, sex crimes between Hunter Biden and several women (including his underage niece), and what we want to do is is something that everyone other than mainstream media is not going to do. And they won’t, and they’ve had the opportunity for almost a year. because many of them have had it since October. What we want to do is for the historical record, so that 500 years from now, when people read about America, they know that Joe Biden, who was the Manchurian candidate and who became the installed Manchurian president , exactly how it is compromised. And his son Hunter is one of the most corrupt, disgusting members of any American First Family in the history of the country.

We feel compelled to do what all law enforcement institutions in this country, especially and including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, will not do. They’ve had the laptop since December 2019. And they took that laptop not because of concerns about child exploitation, which is obvious if you look at the thing, but for money laundering, which is a crime and which Hunter took care of a lot.

But the matter is much deeper than that. We want, once and for all, to show exactly how the Biden family is compromised and how it relates to the voter fraud we just experienced, in which I believe there is no more important topic to delve into.

Our group, which consists of five people including myself, has extensive experience in writing reports. I’m the youngest on the team, I’m the youngest on the team, but I would say I have credentials in writing reports on voter fraud, domestic manufacturing, the plandemic response to counterfeiting, etc

The response to the counterfeit goods pandemic and the trafficking of counterfeit goods – and trade. All of these things and more will feature in the Hunter Biden laptop report. We want to spread a wide net and get small dollar donations to do this thing. And what this will allow us to do is to have editorial independence and ensure that no one controls the content, structure and end result of the report.

Finally, we felt it was necessary to pit our mission and our project against Mueller’s bogus investigation.
Our report is going to cost 1% of what this fiasco ended up costing.

And not only do we have the benefit of Senator Johnson’s report that was done last October, which concerned Hunter and Burma. We also have the laptop. So we’re going to be able to take what Johnson did and what Tony Bobulinski talked about last fall on Hunter and the Chinese affairs of Jim and Joe Biden. We’re going to tie it all together.

And we hope to be done by Thanksgiving. And we think it’s our duty, because we have this laptop and we don’t want it buried. And we’re going to publish big chunks of it so people can go through it themselves. We don’t want to keep this thing. I think every American has a right to know what’s on that computer.

What we want to do is synthesize all of these materials – money laundering, drugs, collusion, sex… sex trafficking.

All of these entities that Hunter is involved with are shady and corrupt. And some of them are controlled by the CCP themselves. The Bank of China is literally funding Hunter Biden. And remember, it’s not just Hunter. In these messages, Hunter tells his own family that half of his salary went to his father for his entire life.

So this is our country. Either we are a Republic or we are not. And I think there’s no better thing to do than to commit myself and my team to studying public corruption because what happened on November 3, 2020 was a sham. It’s embarrassing and it woke up many people who were asleep at the time of the election and now realize how systemic the Chinese Communist Party and other entities are in our government.

So I invite you all to consider donating a very small amount to this effort. And I promise a complete and total
transparency. There are a lot of groups on the right raising money for projects and they don’t even provide a…budget. So, on our website flyer (which you can find at, we tell you our budget. And we tell you what it’s going to cost to hire teams of experts to trace Hunter’s movements.

There’s an amazing Australian think tank [ASPI] who mapped each Chinese entity and their
influence around the world in their Belt & Road initiative. We will do the same with Hunter. With
the EXIF ​​data that is on these photos, we will review and map who he was meeting
and when.

And we will release, through torrents and other tools, large parts of the laptop that have never been disclosed. And we ask for your support. And we want to be as transparent as possible. So thank you for listening. God bless you. And I think there’s nothing more important than voter fraud and the Biden crime syndicate. God bless you.

August 27, 2021

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