“Covid-19 is not a virus, it is an artificial intelligence parasite”. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Covid-19 is not a virus, it is an artificial intelligence parasite.

Published on 2.11.2022

Posted on October 22, 2022 by @WeAreTheDisclosureA 32-minute video that absolutely must be watched carefully!!!

It’s been a long time since we’ve disturbed your “quietness” but watching this video prompts us to give you this information of paramount importance to understand what Covid-19 is and especially what’s behind it. .

After watching this video, we better understand certain past and essentially current reactions, more and more numerous and strange, such as these individuals who look up, turn on themselves before collapsing and dying.

Forget everything that has been said about the Covid “virus”!!! It is ultimately a biotech weapon that is made up of biology and nanotechnology. It is clearly explained that the prohibited and sanctioned treatments in case of prescription such as Hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin are effective in destroying the replication of the biological part, because they are antiparasitic treatments. As for the nanotechnological part, the tools allowing its activation are the 5G antennas and the Starlink system of our “friend” Elon Musk. Even Robert Malone takes for his rank in this video.

The good news is that while the biological part can be destroyed by pest control (see below), the AI ​​(Artificial Intelligence) part can be annihilated by frequencies. This is quantum technology.

We are, as this scientist declares, faced with the transformation of humanity into a humanoid under artificial intelligence, therefore with a desire for the extinction of humanity. Transformation of the human, but also, on command, programmed death of the infected person via electromagnetic waves.

It will be urgent for their project to collapse and to destroy everything related to 5G and Starlink first and to look for any other cause of frequency interference on the human body and in particular the brain.

No, COVID-19 is not a virus, it is a weapon of mass destruction against humanity.


As surprising as it may seem, COVID-19 has nothing to do with any virus. Yet for two years the world has been inundated with lies, restrictions and hatred by the mainstream media and the political world to force us to take these toxic vaccines supposed to be able to fight against the transmission of a virus invented by the Forum world economy and all the assassins who pass themselves off as benefactors of humanity and who are commonly called “globalists”.

Yuval Noah Harari, the dark soul of this Forum, is no longer afraid to talk about his desire to control humanity through technology, “In Israel, we have 2.5 million Palestinian guinea pigs completely controlled”, because c is exactly what is being done with the COVID vaccine and it is no coincidence that his friend Bill Gates and his gang – the globalists – have met in Davos and elsewhere, repeatedly to establish and validate the destruction plan of humanity through a technology, a military biotechnology that has been publicly funded for years without public knowledge in the United States and Europe.

The contempt that these elites have for humanity is abysmal, beyond anything one can imagine.

They have produced a new synthetic species, a parasite, which they inject into the bodies of humans to modify, transform and replace them.

“Person-to-person transmission of COVID-19 does not exist and they know it.” The (fraudulent) PCR test was the prop they needed to convince everyone there was a virus, but it’s so useful for testing a virus that monopoly money buys a house , says Karen Kingston, former Pfizer vice president and biotech analyst, who has evidence that covid and the titular vaccine are both biosynthetic parasites.

This is why ivermectin is so effective and why Professor Raoult’s protocol was essential and too dangerous for this criminal elite, whose desire was really to kill.

New documents show that the “coronavirus” and vaccines are biosynthetic parasites. So says Karen Kingston, former vice-president of Pfizer, who has provided evidence that they are cleverly disguised biological weapons.

She reveals and unveils PATENTS and documents describing the relationship between 5G and the COVID vaccine, biosynthetic AI nanotechnology, “soft actuators” and NEURO-WEAPONS implanted with toxic vaccines.

These injections of covid mRNA “vaccines” are actually implants of exotic technologies that can be used to achieve global enslavement and/or genocide.

This is the meaning of the “Great Replacement” which has nothing to do with migrants, but with the new humanity which must replace the old, the body is the vehicle and its control is cybernetic, the soul has disappeared from the bodies of the vaccinated who are now possessed by a monstrous entity.

Who remembers the mutations of the parasite, from Alien to Prometheus, nothing was invented by the cinema, these films announced the future destiny of humanity, and here we are finally, while the population remains deaf to the truths and to the warnings by continuing to believe in the virus, in the COVID variant that does not exist, because the bodies are poisoned by the nanotechnologies on which the monsters of the moment can act with the antennas and the 5G satellites of Elon Musk.

In this COVID vaccine, in all COVID vaccines, there is an intelligent, synthetic parasite that is injected into the body of humans and acts against its host with the help of 5G technology and StarLink, yes, Elon Musk does not is not the friend of humanity as we naively thought, he collaborates in the destruction of humanity, like Bill Gates and all the globalists who support them, Their mutual hatred against humanity only serves to fuel a useless debate, because the ultimate goal remains the same, destroy the best of humanity and keep only the extreme rot, those who think they are the best example of humanity, this is the future of humanity, what a waste, a humanity of businessmen and psychopaths.

All these events, viruses, inflation, economic destruction, bank failures, war, of COVID are there to prevent us from discovering the truth, it is a strategic ruse to drown the fish and not to allow humans, vaccinated or not, to understand the purpose of this horror they have mounted to destroy what we are, and practice our extinction with pretexts as ridiculous as they are pathetic.

And while they wait for the last man to fall apart, these criminals are making billions of dollars selling vaccines that they pass off as miraculous, and politicians, all politicians, are complicit – knowingly or unknowingly – of this genocide.

We are on the verge of understanding this trap set for us by the criminals of humanity who are very powerful, who control the media, governments and science, because it is science, and it is powerful, because she is in the service of Satan.

For over 50 years the military tried to use parasites like ticks and Lyme disease to weaken humans, and well now they’ve come up with something better, vaccines and transgenic mosquitoes from Gates and Google, but even worse, the BioNtech vaccine-aware parasite that is now being injected into millions of humans who don’t realize how their human life ends in the worst transhuman transformation.

They are robbed of their humanity, and even more so if they approach 5G networks and the miracles of StarLink.

We must be aware that they will use all the tricks, all the lies to continue this genocide.

The only way to survive now is to escape these vaccines, but also these microwaves and frequencies which activate the nanotechnologies injected directly into the arm and which allow this synthetic hydra to take control of the body of its host.

It is certain that many human beings will not be able to bear this grim reality, but if it can reassure them, they have been unwittingly lured into the trap of these globalist criminals.

We live in a time of formi… Diablo!

Philippe A. Jandrok cogiito

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