Tucker Carlson, the star Fox news host, Biden has launched “a holy war” against Russia. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Tucker Carlson, the star Fox news host, Biden has launched “a holy war” against Russia.

Posted on 1.11.2022

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has accused US President Joe Biden of launching “a holy war” against Russia.

In the latest episode of his weekly program, the famous political presenter Tucker Carlson believes that this is the only explanation for the decision taken by Biden, which he believes negatively affects both Washington and its allies.

Emphasizing the problems suffered by Western countries following the decision of a global confrontation with Russia, he tackled: “Europe is not another world, it is closely linked to the United States. The leaders of the United States are supposed to notice when Europe begins to fall apart, especially since the signs are there”
“But what happened is the opposite,” Carlson lamented.

Speaking of the crises in Europe, he continued that “the Germans started clearing the old forests to heat their homes, and in Poland families lined up for hours to buy coal, as they used to 150 years ago, and in the UK the government expects around 10,000 Britons to die from the cold this winter due to lack of heating fuel”.
And to point out: “Freezing to death is not supposed to happen in a first world country! »

“Europe is declining at high speed and we don’t know where it will end. So the question is why is this happening? The answer is one, very simple: a large part of Europe’s energy came from Russia, and these imports are now prohibited. These sanctions were supposed to punish Vladimir Putin! “, he added.

“As a result of these sanctions, the Russian ruble is now much stronger than it was a year ago, the European economy is collapsing and Europeans are much poorer than they were. at the start of the war in Ukraine. So how is this a victory for Europe? »

According to him, “the Biden administration is compounding the devastating errors that are destroying the European Union. »

“The ban by Congress banning oil, natural gas and coal from Russia was our moral duty. But then, at the same time, the Biden administration crushed domestic oil production by canceling oil and gas leases, and after that they sold oil from the strategic reserve. Perhaps it would be the most important supplier of this country to China. »

“None of this hurts Putin in any way, it all impoverishes the United States, what could be the excuse for doing this? “, he concluded

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