In Ukraine, Zelensky says he is fighting “against the Russia-Iran axis”, and in Russia “economic relations with Iran are developing rapidly”. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

In Ukraine, Zelensky says he is fighting “against the Russia-Iran axis”, and in Russia “economic relations with Iran are developing rapidly”.

Posted on 1.11.2022

In Ukraine, Zelensky: “We are now fighting against the Russia-Iran axis and I hope that Israel will help us”

In an interview given to Israeli television on Monday evening October 31, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky revealed that he had asked Washington to put pressure on ‘Israel’ in order to obtain military aid from the Zionist entity.

He said Israel had recently agreed to provide the requested radio systems, but remained closed on the Iron Dome issue.

Despite denials from Russia and Iran, he suggested that Russia’s recent use of Iranian weapons could be the trigger ‘Israel’ needs to get more involved.

“We are now fighting against the Russia-Iran axis, and I hope that Israel will react to this new situation by helping us,” he said.

The first request made to Israel at the start of the war, at the end of February, was for the supply of radio systems. Ukraine then demanded air defense systems such as the Iron Dome, then recently Israeli drones under the pretext of countering those supplied by Iran to Russia.

And Din stride, in Russia, economic relations with Iran are developing rapidly.

Iran: Sanctions against American personalities and institutions for supporting terrorism

The Intergovernmental Committee for Trade and Economic Cooperation affirmed that “the level of cooperation between Iran and Russia is growing stronger day by day and has reached a new qualitative level”.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak announced on Tuesday that “trade and economic cooperation between Russia and Iran is steadily strengthening, despite Western sanctions imposed on both countries”.

“Relations between our two countries are developing rapidly and an accelerated pace of political dialogue is maintained at various levels,” Novak said during the meeting of the Intergovernmental Committee on Trade and Economic Cooperation, adding that “trade cooperation continues to grow steadily. “.

According to Novak, “the work of the joint intergovernmental committee has reached a new qualitative level, and a continuous dialogue has been organized between different government departments”, noting that “representatives of Russian and Iranian business circles met on the eve of the 16th session of the Joint Governmental Commission”.

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian government underlined that “the joint Russian-Iranian action is registering tangible results, despite the foreign sanctions against the two countries”.

For his part, the Iranian Minister of Petroleum, Javad Oji, announced on Tuesday that “Russian-Iranian relations are strengthening more than ever”.

Oji said, “The level of cooperation between Iran and Russia is getting stronger day by day, especially in the economic field.”

Oji stressed that “relations between Iran and Russia have never been as close as they are today.”

Regarding the sanctions imposed on Russia, Ogi said: “Based on the capabilities that both countries have, I am sure that we can circumvent the sanctions.”

The meeting of the 16th session of the Russian-Iranian Intergovernmental Standing Committee for Trade and Economic Cooperation will be held in Grozny, the Russian federal capital of Chechnya, under the chairmanship of Novak and Oji.

Earlier this month, Iran’s Deputy Oil Minister Ahmad Assadzadeh said that “Iran expects to conclude several agreements with Russia in the oil and gas sector within 6 months, and hopes for a greater solidarity between Tehran and Moscow in the field of energy resources”.

In turn, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said he was ready to “sign an agreement with Iran on the exchange of oil and gas by the end of this year”.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry has imposed sanctions on 10 individuals and 4 US institutions, accused of interfering in Tehran’s internal affairs and “inciting terrorist acts and violence” during recent events in the country .

The Iranian Foreign Ministry announced, in a press release, “to impose sanctions on 4 institutions and 10 American personalities accused of inciting terrorist acts, which provoked the recent riots in the country”.

The sanctions targeted the commander of US operations in the Middle East, Michael Corella and his assistant, as well as the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Iran’s Foreign Ministry said “the sanctions against the CIA are caused by the agency’s activities against human rights and its interference in Iran’s internal affairs.”

Iran’s Foreign Ministry accused them of “committing human rights violations, interfering in Iran’s internal affairs, promoting violence and chaos, inciting and encouraging terrorist acts and to oppose Iran’s efforts in the fight against terrorism”.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry said “Tehran intends to impose a ban on American and Canadian individuals and institutions in response to the new American and Canadian ban on the country.”

A few days ago, the Iranian Foreign Ministry declared that “the madness of US sanctions against Iran has turned into a virus”.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry previously announced that it had “decided to impose sanctions on a number of actors and certain institutions and organizations that support chaos and destabilize security in Iran.”

On October 26, Iran announced the imposition of sanctions on 8 institutions and 12 individuals of the European Union, for “supporting terrorism and violence” on its soil.

Tehran had also imposed sanctions on 13 individuals and 7 British institutions, including Iran International Network and the Persian-language BBC, over “crimes of incitement to assassination, acts of violence and extremism in the country, over the past few weeks,” according to a statement from Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian.

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