Chaos sets in after the elections, Brazilians go to military bases to demand that they do something. It is a rare moment in the history of a country. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Chaos sets in after the elections, Brazilians go to military bases to demand that they do something. It is a rare moment in the history of a country.

We tell you all – Bolsonaro is not going to sit still. Brazil is not the United States. Which means that this country cannot sustain more than 2 years of a criminal like Lula running the country – he would implode. Eyes on Brazil. I am very intrigued by what Bolsonaro is going to do.

Posted on 1.11.2022

From Brazil :

“Everyone here is talking about fraud. Same story, different nation. The media don’t want to convey #BOLSONARO on TV, so he’s giving a speech at 5 a.m. on Twitter” @JairBolsonaro“. The Brazilian president is planning a press conference tonight – he will announce a military audit of the controversial election and could arrest the criminal judges. Source The Gateway Pundit.

Translation of the tweet: “Bolsonaro was elected with 65% of the vote, the final report will be published soon, there will be arrests, the president’s silence torments the right but frightens the left. We are the last trench, we are the nation that will lead the rest of the world on the path to freedom”

Listen below, this is not a parody, although it could be believed, he tweeted on his official account.

FIRST MESSAGE PRAYER. AFTER ITS “DEFEAT”… IT’S A SPIRITUAL WAR, EVIL AGAINST GOOD… LIGHT ALWAYS WINS OVER DARKNESS. Jair Bolsonaro…. .. Signature WH… DROP 3594…… Ephesians 6:11-12…. “Put on all the armor of God, so that you may resist the wiles of the devil, for our struggle is not against humans, but against powers and authorities, against the rulers of this world of darkness…”… GOD BLESS OUR BELOVED BRAZIL

FRAUD ESTABLISHED…..ALL OF BRAZIL UNITED AND STANDING…SUPPORTING JAIR BOLSANARO OF COURSE…Soldiers are mobilizing in most cities in Brazil and the Cyber ​​Defense Division has evidence of digital fraud. …. The Brazilian army with the people

Truckers and farmers united to oppose the election of corrupt criminal Lula.

And now the Police have joined them in supporting Bolsanoro, which is hardly surprising since a vote for Lula is a vote for corruption, crime and narco-gangs.

Several Brazilian Golpista (PRF) traffic cops are working with truckers and other Bolsonaro supporters to block highways across Brazil right now, including access to São Paulo International Airport which has already canceled
flights…. Brazil is entering a possible constitutional crisis after the election.

Brazil is racing. Truckers and farmers are blocking roads in many cities to contest election results.

A massive gathering is expected outside the Brazilian army barracks on Tuesday.

It’s exploding in Brazil… President Bolsonaro’s supporters are blocking roads throughout the country and access to Sao Paulo’s international airport is restricted. There are reports of several canceled flights.

Truckers, farmers and patriots are taking Brazil by storm.

They ask the military leaders to arrest Lula: “We will not allow a corrupt criminal to rule us! »

President Trump reacts to the election results in Brazil.

“I am saddened because he really, really worked hard for the country…. He was a friend of mine and IS a friend of mine… It was a close election. Yeah, well, let’s see what happens. »


Joe Biden points out that the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, will be in the country on January 1, 2023 for Lula’s inauguration in Brasilia.

Very interesting if true… Soldiers are mobilizing in most cities in Brazil and the cyber defense division has evidence of digital fraud.

News Orange reports to us truckers block highway after Bolsonaro defeat

Truckers block a highway in Barra Mansa, Rio de Janeiro state, apparently in protest after veteran leftist Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva defeated far-right incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro in the of a divisive presidential election in Brazil.

By AFPTV – First images

16 states in Brazil are now paralyzed by protests on highways.

2 BRAZILIAN MILITARY SPEAK UP video available only here on VK

1st: we are not here to stop the demonstrations, but we come to give an answer to these government scoundrels who are stealing from Brazil… deceiving the people. Brazil is ours, families and children only.

2nd: you the people, you know we are in a game, the guy (a politician) who carries the flag like the Seleição, it’s over, the limits of the people are over. The DS ministers I’m not afraid to speak are all lying thieving pirates set up by the PT to finish off our nation

We will die with our uniform, but we will raise the V for victory because Brazil will never again have the flag with a red mat caused by the communist party.

Brazil above everything… God above everything.

Brazilians disagree with the election result: “Roads blocked by supporters disappointed with the defeat of Bolsonaro” Release, CA Press


Brazil: “Were the elections clean? NOPE. We take to the streets, everyone in the millions and Mito will do what he has to do”

For the Canadian Press the Telegram El Mito is Bolsonaro.


🗃 26/01/2003 – Davos (Switzerland) Lula should visit Henrique Meirelles. Will also meet with Bill Gates and George Soros later today

  • President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is staying at the Arabella Sheraton Sechos Hotel, where he is holding meetings with authorities attending the 33rd World Economic Forum.
  • Lula has previously met Finnish President Tarja Halonen; Ukrainian Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych and representatives of free trade union organisations.
  • He then travels to the Davos Convention Center, where he will speak at the main plenary of the 33rd World Economic Forum.
  • After the speech, Lula will still have audiences with Forum Chairman Klaus Schwab, Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewsai, Microsofit Chairman Bill Gates and investor George Soros.


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