Barack Obama ridiculed! interrupted by anti-war demonstrators, his speeches are no longer successful. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Barack Obama ridiculed! interrupted by anti-war demonstrators, his speeches are no longer successful.

Obama ridiculed! The Nobel Peace Prize that resembles war. Poor Joe. Buried before dying. Undead and Halloween star.

Published on 30.10.2022

Phoenix: Hussein, America’s Most Satanic Mass Killer, [jamais vu quelqu’un vieillir aussi vite] seems worried about social media platforms dropping too many truth bombs about his criminal activities. He implores the people not to allow the Republicans to take control because of all the investigations they promise to carry out.

❇️ When the sleeping people find out who this guy really is, there will be a series of depressions and suicides, a lot of anger too.

Herschel Walker responds to Barrack Obama.

“He said I was a celebrity, he was wrong. I am a warrior for God. He told us to vote for Joe Biden two years ago. He was wrong too. »

He goes on to talk about the open border, crime, the cost of groceries and gas, and the fact that Barack Obama has not offered solutions to these problems. He just came here to get you to vote for Warnock.

It’s not because they brought Obama out at 10:43 p.m. (11) on 2022-10-28 (17), which happens to be 11 days before the mid-terms and which also happens to be 5 years to the day after the very first publication of Q released on October 28, 20( 17) that it means anything. This is probably yet another coincidence….

Gone are the days of Obama showing off at the microphone. The Americans have understood that it is he and the Clintons (among others) who are behind the dirty tricks of the Democrats and have set Ukraine on fire.

Excellent ! The dregs rise to the surface, they will no longer be able to conceal all their lies. obama, his presence, his skill and his beautiful words, nothing takes! The mayonnaise has definitely turned!

Is it us or does he look like he’s got the shakes?

Political event in Detroit, Here are the actual edited videos: obama ask the public to let him speak!

obama : Sir, that’s what I say. We have a process that we have put in place in our democracy. Right now I am speaking you will have a chance to speak a…..

Barack Obama: I’m getting old and gray.

Black woman : You are more beautiful than a man.

Obama trying to get the crowd’s attention after being interrupted reminds us of a student teacher trying to control a class.

“Everyone is listening… HEY, everyone up there, pay attention! »

Barack Obama: “These days, just about every Republican politician seems obsessed with two things: owning liberals […] and get Donald Trump’s endorsement. This seems to be their program. […] They are not interested in actually solving problems. »

Obama with the same kind of speech as Hillary.

Barack Obama: “When we don’t just disagree with people, but start demonizing them, it creates a dangerous climate. If elected officials don’t do more to reject this kind of rhetoric or encourage their supporters to stand outside polling stations armed with guns, people can be hurt. »

Ralph Norman: “Biden is not running this country. There is a cabal of unelected elitists running this country. Probably Barak obama is involved, probably Eric Holder…

Biden has visited 54 states. Obama – in 57. 🤡

■ They are not wrong. Ukraine, the EU, Canada, Japan have long turned into American states. Whether you like it or not, it’s a fact.

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