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Washington considers China to be the “greatest danger” to its security… and Beijing: the relationship is at a critical juncture.

Published on 29.10.2022

US President Joe Biden’s administration has claimed that China is “working to undermine US alliances in the Indian Pacific”.

The administration of US President Joe Biden has warned that China is “working to undermine US alliances in the Indian Pacific and using its growing military to coerce and threaten its neighbors. This poses a threat to the American nation.”


The Biden administration revealed, according to the US newspaper The Wall Street, a new defense strategy on Thursday that China poses “the greatest threat to American security”, and calls for “intensive efforts to build capacity military, to deter Beijing in the decades to come. »

The strategy document warns that “China seeks to undermine U.S. alliances in the Indian Pacific, engages in coercive activities in Taiwan, and poses a potential threat to the American nation through its ability to launch cyberattacks against the U.S. industrial base and the system of mobilization of the American forces”.

According to the newspaper, U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin wrote in the introduction to the new U.S. defense strategy that “the People’s Republic of China will remain our greatest strategic competitor for decades to come,” stressing that “the threat from Beijing will determine how the US military will be equipped and trained for the future”.

The US Defense Strategy is published every four years by the US Congress and outlines the defense plans that will be implemented in the future to meet potential challenges facing the United States.

Sino-US relations have been strained lately, especially after US Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan last August, despite China’s adamant rejection of any diplomatic visit devoted to “the independence of Taiwan” and its opposition to the “one China principle”.

China: Our relationship with Washington is at a “critical moment”

In the same context, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Friday that “China-US relations are going through a critical moment”, noting that “the international community looks forward to the two countries developing a stable relationship”.

A statement issued by China’s Foreign Ministry said, “Wang Yi told the new US Ambassador to Beijing, Nicholas Burns, that China-US relations are at a critical juncture, as the international community expects steady development of Sino-American relations”.

“As two great countries, the United States should no longer try to deal with China by force, and should not try to suppress and contain China’s development,” Wang Yi added.

Addressing the US Ambassador, he continued, “As US Ambassador to China, I hope you will become a bridge and link between Washington and Beijing.”

China: Washington uses nuclear weapons to advance its geopolitical agenda

Earlier on Friday, China said that “the United States’ revision of its nuclear position for 2022, which was published by the United States Department of Defense on Thursday, is strongly inspired by the Cold War and the zero-sum mentality. “.

Beijing pointed out that “this revision intensifies great-power competition and uses nuclear weapons as tools to advance Washington’s geopolitical agenda.”

“This obviously goes against the world’s desire to prevent a nuclear war or a nuclear arms race,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said, stressing that “China has the ability and trust needed to protect its security interests, and US nuclear blackmail with China is not working. »

In previous statements, China has urged the United States to “leave behind the Cold War mentality and the logic of hegemony, pursue a rational and responsible nuclear policy, assume its own primary responsibility for disarmament nuclear power and to contribute to global strategic stability and global peace and security. »

And last month, a spokesman for the Chinese embassy in Washington, Liu Bingyu, stressed that “his country would take the necessary resolute and legitimate measures, after the United States announced that it planned to sell to Taiwan $1.1 billion worth of new weapons, allegedly to strengthen its defences”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed a few days ago that Moscow and Beijing continue to strengthen their strategic and comprehensive partnership relations, while Chinese President Xi Jinping renewed his country’s support for Moscow on issues of common concern. .

On Thursday, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi announced that China would support Russia in strengthening its great power position in the international arena.

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