Presentation to the UN Security Council of the final draft on the biological activity of the United States in Ukraine. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Presentation to the UN Security Council of the final draft on the biological activity of the United States in Ukraine.

Published on 29.10.2022

Massive statements by the Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN regarding US Biolabs in Ukraine. It seems that an official investigation is inevitable.

Today, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) debated the possible enactment of Article VI of the Biological Weapons Convention, which would constitute an investigation into the United States and its biological laboratories in Ukraine.

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Russia presented today to the UN Security Council its final draft, which covers all the evidence compiled in its file, and which is currently being examined by experts from different nations. The contents of the file include evidence presented within the last 8 months.

I urge everyone to read the full statement here.1 These claims are historic. Hunter Biden’s Metabiota, Black and Veatch, negligence of deadly pathogens, drones equipped with aerosol cans to disperse water particles containing pathogens, aerial release of armies of infected mosquitoes, all of this.

All allegations made over the past eight months in the context of the special military operation in Ukraine are included in the draft. These claims are not new to those who have been paying attention, they are simply an accumulation of all the evidence presented at once. It is an excellent and comprehensive review of the exact crimes alleged.

However, the calendar is new. Russia has made some interesting comments about when it expects progress through a “relevant report” from the UN Security Council and its commission “no later than November 30, 2022”, i.e. by the time of the ninth review conference of the biological weapons treaty.

“We hope that the commission will succeed in clarifying all the circumstances of Washington’s and Kyiv’s possible non-compliance with their obligations under the BTWC in the context of the activities of biological laboratories on Ukrainian territory, in order to encourage the American and Ukraine to remedy this intolerable situation. We also hope that the commission will present to the Council a relevant report on the matter, containing recommendations, no later than 30 November 2022, and that it will inform the States Parties of the BTWC of the results of the investigation at the ninth conference. to be held in Geneva from November 28 to December 16, 2022.

Russia will define its future approach to ensuring national, regional and global biosecurity based on the results of the review of our complaint and the draft UNSC resolution. The results of this work will also define our position with regard to strengthening the BTWC and resolving the situation of violations of the BTWC by the United States and Ukraine in the context of the activity of American biolabs on the Ukrainian territory. »

In conclusion, Russia offered these allegations through the proper diplomatic channels, presented its case cogently and cohesively, and conducted itself with transparency, while the United States and NATO simply cried “disinformation.” ” all this time.

This performance generated great global support for Russia and raised doubts about the United States and the West. Not only are the leaders of the United States under intense scrutiny, they are accused of the gravest crimes against humanity known to international law.

I don’t know how it’s going to turn out, but it’s the highest diplomatic channel on the planet, and if it’s working as it’s supposed to, major Deep State players will soon come under fire. an international investigation into violations of the Biological Weapons Treaty. If found guilty, the answer will be international military tribunals.

When the sheep are fully aware of this, it will be an extinction level event for the DNC and therefore the Deep State. – Clandestine

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