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HUGE, the FBI now wants 66 years before releasing information on Seth Rich – information they initially denied having!

Published on 29.10.2022

The Gateway Pundit Reminder that Seth Rich is linked to emails sent to Wikileaks before Killary’s 2016 campaign, to Hunter’s laptops, Russiagate was done following his death (shot twice in the back). “He” is connected to everything. Everything is connected.

Remember this name which could well be more than a person: Seth Rich because the Court had ordered the FBI to produce the information it has regarding Seth Rich’s laptop within 14 days.

In September, the US District Judge for the Eastern District of Texas ordered the FBI to “produce the information it has regarding Seth Rich’s laptop.”

In our previous report, Joe Hoft of The Gateway Pundit reported on the FBI’s refusal to release documents on Seth Rich. To this day, we still don’t have good information about the murder of Seth Rich. He was shot twice in the back, early in the morning, near his home. He later died in hospital. Police recorded the event as a theft and yet Rich’s phone, wallet and personal items were with him when police arrived.

Some people suspect Rich was behind the emails sent to WikiLeaks before the 2016 election, regarding Hillary and her corrupt actions over many years. These emails were ignored by the corrupt mainstream media but were shared by Wikileaks and on social media at the time. The left blamed Wikileaks as one of the reasons Hillary Clinton lost to President Trump in 2016.

Tendency : It’s weird? Pelosi’s attacker, David Depape, was in his underwear when police arrived – he snatched Paul Pelosi’s gavel.

Shortly after Seth Rich’s death, the story of collusion with Russia was created. Some quarters also suspect that this story of collusion with Russia was created to distract from the murder of Seth Rich.

The FBI has denied possessing any information or records related to Seth Rich’s murder. But it wasn’t true and eventually the information was discovered. The FBI was forced to admit it had information on Seth Rich.

Attorney Ty Clevenger sued the government and last month the FBI was ordered to turn over information about Seth Rich’s computer they had, along with documents relating to Crowdstrike and the alleged hack from the DNC in 2016.

And now, once again, the FBI is stalling!

What are they hiding? Why don’t they want to share this information?

Lawflog’s Ty Clevenger reported earlier this month that the FBI is stalling on releasing the documents:

Yesterday the government requested additional time to respond to Judge Amos Mazzant’s September 29, 2022 order directing the FBI to produce all documents relating to Seth Rich’s laptop. In a similar vein, the FBI is withholding three reports produced by CrowdStrike in August 2016 regarding the alleged Democratic National Committee hack.

First the laptop. The FBI wants two more weeks so they can prepare a reconsideration motion. Out of courtesy, we did not object to this request. According the government’s motion, “FBI not sure how to comply with order of the Court as written, and the FBI is seeking notice of an ongoing appellate consultation regarding the order to properly address this issue. »

The order itself is fairly simple, at least as far as Seth’s personal laptop is concerned, as it orders the FBI to “produce information it has regarding Seth Rich’s laptop and responding to requests of the freedom of information complainant within 14 days of this order”. In contrast, the order does not address Seth’s work laptop, which is also in the possession of the FBI.

I’m waiting for the FBI to explain what they think needs to be clarified, and then maybe I’ll file my own motion for clarification. Meanwhile, the FBI has cited only one narrow reason for withholding Seth’s laptop documents, namely his private life. I don’t know why it takes four weeks and an appeals lawyer to figure out why the judge did or didn’t get this question right.

Anyway, it reminds me of something I learned almost thirty years ago when I was a journalist: people who have nothing to hide don’t try not to hide anything.

Now this… On Friday, Chris Wray’s FBI asked for 66 years before releasing any information about the Seth Rich investigation. What are they hiding?

The Epoch Times reported that the FBI is asking a US court to overturn its order to produce information from Seth Rich’s laptop.

If the court does not, the office asks for 66 years to produce this information.

Seth Rich was a Democratic National Committee employee when he was killed on a Washington street in mid-2016. No one has been arrested in connection with the murder.

Obama-appointed U.S. District Judge Amos Mazzant ruled in September that the bureau must turn over computer information to Brian Huddleston, a Texas man who filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to obtain these informations.

The FBI’s assertion that the privacy rights of Rich’s family members outweigh the public interest was dismissed by Mazzant, who noted that the bureau had not cited any case law relevant to the support for this argument.

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