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European suicide–Mercedes Benz is selling its Moscow mega-factory!!!

Above all, the sanctions have made it possible to boost the industrialization of Russia, while destroying the European economy for the benefit of the United States.

Published on 29.10.2022

After Renault, Mercedes abandoned the Russian market in favor of the Russian Avtodom, specialized in the high-end segment, a simple dealer who occasionally became a manufacturer.

Proof of the about-face imposed on its vassals by the American Empire, the German giant had invested 250 million euros in the construction of the factory inaugurated in 2019 by Putin and the German Minister of Economy, Peter Altmaier.

“Proof that Russia and Germany can develop their cooperation,” he hailed.

“We will support such projects in the future, Mercedes cars will certainly be popular with Russian consumers,” Putin said, before signing on a bonnet.

The main effect of the sanctions is to boost the industrialization of Russia, while destroying the European economy for the benefit of the United States.

France Media Agency : Mercedes-Benz to sell Russian assets to local investor

German automaker Mercedes-Benz is set to sell its Russian assets to a local investor, Russia’s Industry and Trade Ministry said on Wednesday, becoming the latest automaker to pull out since Moscow sent troops to Ukraine.

“Mercedes-Benz intends to sell its shares in the Russian subsidiaries to a local investor,” Avtodom, the ministry said in a statement posted on Telegram.

“The new owner of Mercedes-Benz’s Russian divisions, Avtodom, will be able to attract other companies as partners for joint productions,” the ministry added.

Mercedes-Benz confirmed its intention to sell in a separate statement.

“Meeting obligations to customers in Russia…as well as preserving the jobs of employees of the company’s Russian divisions” were the priority in reaching the agreement with Avtodom, the Mercedes-Benz chief executive said. RUS, Natalya Koroleva.

“Completion of the transaction is subject to the approval of all relevant authorities,” Mercedes-Benz said in its statement.

Many Western companies have left Russia for ethical or logistical reasons since Moscow launched what it calls a “special military operation” in Ukraine on February 24.

No financial details of the transaction were provided by either party on Wednesday.

Western sanctions imposed on Russia since the start of the offensive in Ukraine have severely disrupted supply chains.

The technology and automotive manufacturing sectors were particularly hard hit.

German Chancellor Scholz has said his government may stop using Twitter, as Elon Musk’s takeover “threatens” to plunge the social media platform into a haven of unmoderated content.

Iran? No, Olaf Scholz’s Germany, yes like Macron, here is Olaf’s Germany!

Politico reports that Scholz, corrupt from first in Chinese CCP (dynasty) and US DS with Macron threatening trade retaliation against Biden? what game are these two playing??

The American newspaper Politico evoked the willingness of France and Germany to discuss “unfair competition with Washington”, noting that they are also “ready to strike and respond, if the need arises”.


Politico added that after their “public disagreement”, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron have found an issue that unites them, namely “the growing concern about unfair competition from the United States and the need to ‘a European response’.

The newspaper specifies that the two parties discussed “their common concerns for nearly three and a half hours of talks, during a banquet in Paris on Wednesday”.

French President Emmanuel Macron received German Chancellor Olaf Scholz during a working lunch on Wednesday at the Elysee Palace, hoping to revive bilateral cooperation, marred by a series of differences.

Politico reported, earlier, that “the deterioration of relations between the two parties has reached a level of contention over communication with the press”.

And the American newspaper pointed out that “both parties have agreed that the recent US government support packages represent market-distorting measures aimed at persuading companies to relocate production to the United States, and this is a problem they want the European Union to deal with”.

According to Politico, “this convergence of opinion on this issue came on the heels of public disagreements in recent weeks on key political issues, such as energy and defence, which is often seen as a break in the European Union’s central political alliance between Europe’s two largest economies. »

The newspaper added that “the two leaders agreed that the European Union could not sit idly by if Washington went ahead with the Inflation Reduction Act, which provides tax cuts and energy benefits for companies investing on American soil”.

The newspaper noted that “US legislation, which was signed recently, specifically urges consumers to buy American cars when it comes to choosing an electric car, which is a particularly alarming step for the major automotive industries, in France and Germany.

Last Friday, the French president criticized the United States for its approach to gas pricing, stressing that it “adopts the policy of double standards”.

On October 17, Macron urged Germany to show European “solidarity” in the face of high energy prices, warning against “distorting the competitive balance”.

For his part, Scholz earlier this month dismissed European criticism of his country’s plan, saying the measures taken by Germany are not unique, but “correct, and they are also being taken in other country “.

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