Danielle Smith, Premier of Alberta, does not want to know anything about the World Economic Forum “the Wef of K. Schwab”. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Danielle Smith, Premier of Alberta, does not want to know anything about the World Economic Forum “the Wef of K. Schwab”.

Published on 29.10.2022

ICI Alberta reports to us that, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith took advantage of a press conference after the swearing in of her cabinet to criticize the World Economic Forum (WEF) on Monday. She said she gives no credibility to the organization, which she describes as a “bunch of billionaires”.

Last Friday, Danielle Smith explained that she is terminating an agreement between Alberta Health Services (AHS) and the forum. In July 2020, AHS joined the Partnership for Health Systems Sustainability and Resilience (PHSSR).

The partnership aims to improve the resilience of health systems in times of crisis.

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I don’t think the individual leading this group is a doctor, I don’t think he’s a nurse, I don’t think he’s a paramedic, and I don’t think he’s a medical professional. healthshe said on Monday.

“All the health expertise we need is right here in Alberta. »

On Monday, the prime minister dodged questions about her potential belief in conspiracy theories surrounding the World Economic Forum.

However, she did not mince words about the GEF. I find it repugnant that a bunch of billionaires brag about the control they wield over political leaders like the leader of the WEF. I think that’s offensive.

I believe the people who should run the government are the people who vote for it […] Until this organization stops bragging about its control over political leaders, I have no interest in getting involved with it.

The firm is sworn.

Danielle Smith’s Cabinet was sworn in Monday at the Lieutenant Governor’s residence in Edmonton. The twenty-seven members have all pledged allegiance to serve the interests of the province.

The Premier told her newly sworn in ministers that they will have their work cut out in the coming months due to the inflation Albertans are facing and pressures on the health care system.

” We do not have time to lose. »

We will respond to the challenges facing the health system, particularly in the short termshe added.

She called on her ministers to work together and not be distracted by critics who want to see them fail: We won’t fail.

We will defend Albertans against a federal government that continues to disrespect provincial jurisdictions enshrined in the Canadian constitution.

We will make no apologies for pushing Ottawa to its limits and standing up for the rights and freedoms of every Albertan we serve.she clarified.

During a ceremony that lasted just under an hour, members of the government first listened to the interpretation of the country’s national anthem before moving on to the usual prayers.

The leader of the United Conservative Party had formed her council of ministers last weekretaining the services of certain tenors of the party.

Except for Leela Aheer, all of her opponents in the PCU leadership race received portfolios, including Brian Jean and Travis Toews.

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