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What will the CCP do after Hu Jintao’s arrest at the 20th Party Congress?

A fundamental question was asked in China today by a well-known investigative journalist: “Is there any other party in China today, not just the Communist Party? » for us yes, that of XI-Jinping !!.

Published on 26.10.2022

In this film of the great paradigm shift desired by XI-Jinping and his anti- ex PCC called for our article “PCC Dynasty” and replaced by “PCC Xi” . We follow up on our article here: China: Direct from China, a source explains to us, “Where did the former general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party go after his departure? » [explication]where we local sources, called for security reasons (X and (Y for the journalist)), explained to us the situation on the spot, a series of information distilled drop by drop reaches us, we retransmit them to you word by word.

X reports: Part of the CCP’s mafia culture insults and suppresses the powerless. Xi Jinping would not have been pardoned if he had lost power. For people like Hu Jintao, Wang Qishan etc., their defeats today are the karma of their previous wrongdoings.

The CCP’s gangster culture is to insult and suppress those who have lost power, Xi Jinping cannot escape even if he falls, and their defeat today is a reincarnation of their evil deeds back then. , be it Hu Jintao or Wang Qishhan.

Y reports: Hu Jintao was crying when he was pushed out of Congress by four guards. If Ling Jihua and Huo Ke were still in power, Hu wouldn’t have to fight alone. Hu Jintao is perhaps one of the most pathetic emperors in Chinese history.

My friend who introduced me to Hu Jintau and Song Ping said that Hu Jintao had been deceived and forcibly expelled from the closing ceremony of the 20th Party Congress! How did the brutal bodyguard, along with Li Zhanshu and Wang Huning, deceive Hu Jintao? Why did Hu Jintao then want to take the document in Xi Jinping’s possession?

reports also that reporter Zhang Ziyi shows her loyalty to the party and is willing to tell the CCP’s story. 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and that she would make efforts and contribute to building the glory of socialist culture, promoting self-confidence and self-improvement of socialist culture, and constantly improving the soft power of the CCP’s national culture, Zhang Ziyi said that she will tell the CCP’s story to the world and spread the CCP’s voice well.

After the 20th National Congress, the CCP actors received the script—–composed the CCP’s history and voice to the world. Everything is scripted, everything is an actor. Ms. Zhang Ziyi is also a victim of the Communist Party system, from the revelation of the revolution, we learned that she was also played by the authorities, but she still has to bow her head to sing praises for the Communist Party, singing praises, work and life all act, can not be true to themselves, the Communist Party system makes everyone live so hypocritical!

News sina reports that after the 20th National Congress, the CPC is accelerating the internationalization of RMB, Eastern Europe and ASEAN are the focus.

According to the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on October 24, 2022, the report instructed to promote the internationalization of RMB in an orderly manner.

Zhao Xue’er, a researcher at the Bank of China Research Institute, analyzed that the internationalization of the RMB should be encouraged, first for security reasons and then for development needs, while Cheng Shi , chief economist at ICBC International, said that the CCP’s promotion of RMB internationalization is firstly in line with the current trend, secondly, RMB internationalization is conducive to supporting the real economy, and finally, the internationalization of the RMB will help consolidate Hong Kong’s status as an international financial center and also promote the Cheng suggested that the Communist Party of China could actively explore deep bilateral cooperation in local currency settlement with the Eastern European and ASEAN countries to strengthen RMB payment, settlement and reserve functions in local markets. Experts from the Communist Party of China said that the internationalization of the RMB has developed steadily in recent years, and the fact that the RMB becomes an internationalized currency can reduce the cost of overseas investment and financing operations, but also means that the market will be very volatile and will have to bear many shocks related to external capital flows, so it is necessary to carefully design the opening tools and improve the inter-adjustment mechanism. cycles and the management of cross-border capital flows.

Y- has long warned the world that the Chinese Communist Party’s drive to internationalize the RMB aims to drop a diluted (financial) bomb on the international stage, and that the Communist Party is also trying to use the digital RMB to start a world war energy, in which all Asian countries will have to kneel, energy prices will be controlled by them, the RMB will be digitized and traded digitally, and the US dollar will leave the Middle East and Asia! The Communist Party will challenge the United States and Europe in the digitization and internationalization of the RMB, especially in the field of payments. The combination of these factors, which coincide with such fierce competition between the two parties in the US midterm elections and the greatest challenge to the European economy due to the Russian-Ukrainian war, makes a huge financial war inevitable. , a life-and-death battle between the Communist Party and the United States and Europe for global monetary power.

After the 20th Chinese Communist Party Congress, there will be a series of internationalizations of the RMB, and a lot of wars in the Middle East to bring the United States into the Middle East quagmire, including terrorist attacks and crises. financial and stock market against the United States, then the Chinese Communist Party will accelerate the internationalization of the RMB and sweep the ASEAN, Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East, this is the ambition and strategy of the Chinese Communist Party !

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