People who are Intuitive. – Chuck Zukowski UFO/Paranormal Investigations : Chuck Zukowski UFO/Paranormal Investigations

People who are Intuitive. - Chuck Zukowski UFO/Paranormal Investigations : Chuck Zukowski UFO/Paranormal Investigations

Over my many years of being a Paranormal investigator, I’ve come across people who have claimed to be either Psychic or Intuitive. To be honest, I really don’t know a lot about this particular phenomenon, but I have some thoughts to share.

With the people I’ve met, psychics generally claim they can predict the future, read your mind, or see into your past, stuff like that, and intuitive people seem to be more aware of their surroundings and can detect energy, good or bad.

I believe, and this is based on my personal observation, that most people who claimed to be psychic were more intuitive. I’m not saying psychics don’t exist, it’s just I really don’t think I’ve actually met one, I’ve never been convinced. Matter of fact psychic or not, I don’t believe anyone can predict my future or see into humanity’s future because, I don’t believe we can time-travel into our own timeline. My theory in which I wrote a blog about years ago basically says, we are living at the leading edge of our timeline in our dimensional universe but could theoretically jump from our leading-edge to a leading-edge of a parallel dimensional universe which is an exact copy but either ahead or behind our time. Thus, jumping into the leading edge of a parallel dimensional universe, we could see our future or our past. Depending on the dimensional universe we jump to, we might see 1 minute or even 1 million years forward or backward. It’s all based on time, and space-time is fluid. Now maybe someone could quantum leap using their energy from our parallel dimensional universe to another like Edgar Cayce the Sleeping Prophet might have done, but that’s another theory.

(Btw.) Quantum physics states there could be endless worlds with countless versions of us.

Albert Einstein stated, you need to describe where you are not only in a three-dimensional space like height, width and length, but also in time. We live in a three-dimensional world, but Einstein says there’s a fourth, and the fourth dimension is time. You have to know where you are, to know what time it is. (That’s actually true here in the US because of Daylight Savings time. The time will depend on what part of the USA you’re visiting. So confusing.)

Something else that’s confusing. I never knew Albert Einstein was a real man, because he’s always referred as a “Theoretical Physicist”. ( science joke )

Back to intuitive people, I believe we’re all intuitive, having the ability to sense danger, or something that just doesn’t feel right, and it’s not a magical thing, but a science thing.

First, a couple of examples of being intuitive.

Women possess when needed, superior almost psychic characteristics. Not only having a knack for knowing what others are feeling or thinking, but also having the ability to feel when things just don’t seem right, and sometimes, can actually sense danger. Known as Women’s Intuition, this sixth sense cannot be denied. I’ve personally experienced it numerous times with my sister Debbie Ziegelmeyer who is an investigator and Director for MUFON. During a couple of our investigations in the past, something happened, you could feel an energy shift, a stillness in the air, in those cases she looked at me and said, “We should leave now!” And we did. It’s better to leave an area when it doesn’t feel right, because you can always return later to finish up when things feel better. Trust your instincts!

Twins also seem to have this psychic characteristic, almost a magical bond between them. A form of extrasensory perception exists which can appear more common in (identical) twins, probably because they have a closer genetic connection.

The website, stated: Sometimes, one twin experiences a physical sensation of something that’s happening to their co-twin, such as emotional distress or a heart attack. In one case, a twin living in Italy experienced inexplicable abdominal pains at the same time as her sister was going into premature labor.

There are many cases in which twins that were separated at childbirth ended up living lives similar to each other. These cases throw a wrench into the theories twins think and do the same things due to being brought up in the same household. Other stories talk about twins being able to read each other’s minds, wanting to call each other at the exact same time, or ordering the same dinners when they’re not together.

Here’s an intuitive example that happens to all of us.

Have you been sitting in your car at a stop light or sitting (not in your car) in a restaurant and get the feeling someone is staring at you? You can’t see them because they’re outside of your peripheral vision, yet you feel them. You turn around and yep, someone is staring at you.

Is this a form of ESP, (extrasensory perception) or is it just science?

In my last post, “I’m Chuck Zukowski and I’m Radioactive”, I talked about our bodies emitting radiation.

Excerpt from my blog: Human bodies emit electromagnetic radiation.
EMF is an electric and magnetic field that is invisible areas of energy. Categorized by frequency in two groups, (non-ionizing) and (ionizing), the non-ionizing is generally harmless to humans whereas the ionizing can be quite harmful. Our bodies give off non-ionizing frequencies or radiation. The cells in our bodies conduct electrical currents, this current is required for our nervous system to send signals throughout the body and to the brain. The movement of the electrical current throughout our body is in the infrared radiation (IR) spectrum.

This energy that emits from our bodies some people call an Aura. Back in the 70s and 80’s Aura specialists at conventions, would capture this energy using basically an infra-red camera. They’re just taking a picture of your energy signature, which is slightly different than anyone else’s, like fingerprints.

We humans are walking, talking sources of radiation who come in conflict daily with other energy sources, (ie) humans. These “human” energy sources may make you feel uneasy, sick, depressed, or quite relaxed or comfortable. This could be based on our separate radiation frequencies.

Ever met someone you just clicked with, felt really comfortable and relaxed? Maybe even considered them your “soul mate”? Well maybe you both had very similar energy frequencies that complimented each other.

Twins as mentioned above, could have energy frequencies that are close to identical, thus giving them the ability to have that twin-ESP affect. Maybe their frequencies are able to connect or communicate with each other at lighting speed. Remember non-ionizing radiation which is light and energy travels at the speed of light.

Back to intuitive people, if they are hypersensitive to human energy, like some people are hypersensitive to WIFI or EMF (which are really intuitive but don’t know it) then these people will pick up on more positive or more negative energy. 99 percent of our bodies are made up of atoms of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen. Each one of these elements are comprised of protons and electrons. The hydrogen atom contains an electrically neutral nucleus with one proton (positive) and one electron (negative). Nitrogen on the other hand, has seven protons in its nucleus and carbon has four electrons in its. So, one element is more positive and the other is more negative. Combined, they work together to harness life while emitting energy.

In some circumstances an intuitive person picks up on something not right or negative energy, which could also be, residual energy, or energy embedded in an area from maybe a violent crime, or unexpected death. This type of energy is referred as, “Emotional Residue Theory.”

Places like haunted houses where someone may have been murdered or sanitariums where people have died or graveyards where people are buried, may hold residual energy derived from their bodies or traumatic experiences. This could be a form of, Residual Haunting Activity.

Residual hauntings can occur when something traumatic or stressful occurs such as a violent murder or just a very unexpected death. The negative energy from the person dying along with the negative energy of the person killing them or the negative energy of the circumstance, could leave an embedded energy footprint at that location. The energy itself could be picked up as an entity playing out its death over and over again in an energy loop mode.

Some residual hauntings may not be a haunting at all but just energy pockets. These pockets are looping over, and over which may result in an investigator hearing the same music all the time, or people randomly talking in the background. Somehow the energy has been contained and just spins.

As a field investigator I’ve measured residual energy during some of my investigations in a form of EMF (electro-magnetic frequencies) from soil to actual dead animals. The energy I picked up was residual or remaining energy that hadn’t dissipated from that object or area. In these cases, the energy would eventually dissipate and realign to our magnetic poles, but in other cases they may linger embedded in structures or soil or even objects like antiques for years or even centuries. These energy sources could be picked up by an EMF meter but could also be picked up by an intuitive person.

An intuitive ghost hunter may have abilities to sense energy in such a way they can visualize a pattern in their mind, leaving them to assume the pattern they mentally see may be a male or female. Hard to say, most intuitive people I’ve met feel energy but actually can’t see it with their eyes. Maybe that’s the difference between being psychic and intuitive, having the ability to mentally see the energy. Some people claim they can use their own energy to communicate not only to other people but to spirits as well. Communicating from one person to another using telepathy is nothing new and has been studied for years. Is this just our energy communicating with other people’s energy, the same energy that leaves our bodies when we pass? Our living Soul? Well, I’m venturing into uncharted territory with that statement, so I’ll just stick with the intuitive theory. We all have this energy, we all can sense it and use it, it’s just that some people can use it more efficiently than others, and we call those people, Intuitive. Twin Telepathy: Separating Fact From Fiction

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