The “Macron comedy club”, between a revealing slip and the need for a “holiday in Rome”, Macron “wants to be alongside the Russian people to help them resist”. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

The “Macron comedy club”, between a revealing slip and the need for a “holiday in Rome”, or the constant mixing of the air, Macron “wants to be alongside the Russian people to help them resist”.

Published on 24.10.2022

Here is the “Macron Comédie Club” in action, apart from the fact of its chance meeting with Giorgia Meloni and promise to “succeeding together with dialogue and ambition”, four words like says Vincent Hervouët on E1, that you can put all over the place and that doesn’t mean anything.

Because apart from once again the permanent air circulation that E. Macron, a specialist in wind turbines, gives us on a “holiday in Rome” followed by a little satanic session at his sidekick, the man in white, like black, passed away, and replaced.

It is a memorable slip that we have just seen, which of course went unnoticed by our dear corrupt media, it has all the more resonance today as the Ukro/Russian conflict is taking a whole new turn, admire the “Macron Comédie Club”, like J. Biden who “Wants to send Russia back to the 19th century”….

Indeed, Macron says, we quote his sentence that you can verify: Wanting to “stand alongside the Russian people to help them resist” at 00:00:27, a very, very nice slip, then continues his sentence at second 00:00:40, when ?? This must go back to his brain, and he perceives that he said something stupid, like a good manipulative actor, he continues with inner sadness perhaps, and says in slow motion that the Ukrainian people can choose “peace”.

As a certain ” Master Capello ” , ” not better “ and for us, no other words than ” Wonderful “go Manu go rest in “Holidays in Rome”you don’t know where “Dwell in you”.

The rest of the wind brewing is detailed here, nothing new downwind: “Peace is possible” in Ukraine when the Ukrainians “decide it”, declared Emmanuel Macron on Sunday at the opening of a peace summit in Rome.

With this gesture, we could caption: Yes my friends “I said bullshit five times…”

“Let’s not let peace be today in a way captured by the Russian power (…) A peace is possible, the only one that they (the Ukrainians) will decide when they decide it”, added the French president during of a speech at the opening of this summit organized by the Sant’Egidio community.

Mr. Macron also justified Western support for kyiv “so that at some point the Ukrainian people can choose peace”, “in the terms they have decided”.

“Peace will be built with the other, who is today’s enemy, around a table,” he said, in front of hundreds of political and religious leaders from around the world gathered for a summit. of three days organized by the Italian community Sant’Egidio.

The French head of state arrived in Rome on Sunday afternoon, where he will be received Monday morning by Pope Francis for a private audience at the Vatican, the third between the two men since the election of Emmanuel Macron in 2017.

Mr. Macron has assumed since the start of the Ukrainian conflict in February to continue to speak to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, unlike other Western leaders and in particular US President Joe Biden.

He again pleaded, Friday in Brussels, for kyiv and Moscow to return “Around the table” when it will be “Acceptable” for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky – but also “As soon as possible”.

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