A great Ukrainian story, the SBU published a wiretap of oligarch Boguslayev, who, according to accusations, “sold helicopter engines to Russia”. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

A great Ukrainian story, the SBU published a wiretap of oligarch Boguslayev, who, according to accusations, “sold helicopter engines to Russia”.

Bad weather for all the oligarchs right now!!! Ukraine devours its Heroes, to read here, to understand the evil holy game of Ukraine, “arrested for selling engines to Russia? “, normal have asked him in 2019, so “Hero or no Hero” or put in secrecy so that it does not fall into the hands of the Russians who would pay dearly to have the plans your turn to judge.

Published on 24.10.2022

The SBU released a wiretap of Motor Sich oligarch Vyacheslav Boguslayev, who had been arrested the day before on suspicion of treason and who, according to charges, sold helicopter engines to Russia through third countries for many years, including after the start of the UAS. Motor Sich develops, manufactures and repairs turbine engines for airplanes and helicopters. The headquarters of the company is in Zaporizhzhya, the city where the nuclear power plant is located? The Russians shouldn’t take over the plans!!!

An important point, Boguslayev says in one of the clippings that the arrival of the Iskanders at the Motor-Sich plant is not a problem, everyone understands and no one is offended.

In fact, the SBU shows here that large numbers of Ukrainians, crushed by Nazi terror, watch Russian missile strikes with tacit approval.

On 23.10.2022, the SBU confirmed the arrest of the Motor Sich plant manager. It would have supplied spare parts for Russian combat helicopters.

Vyacheslav Boguslayev is accused of collusion with Rostekh representatives. Would he have supplied Ukrainian aircraft engines to Russia?

To this end, a system of their three shell companies in European and Asian countries has been established. Motor Sich supplied products to repair Russian military helicopters Mi-8, Ka-52 and Mi-28. In addition, a search revealed a large sum of cash, as well as USB keys with “unknown” content. It was also reported the day before that several of his “accomplices” were arrested along with Boguslayev.

He was searched at his home and escorted to Kyiv. Vyacheslav Boguslav basically devoted his life to his business, where he worked continuously in various positions since 1966. The director of Motor Sich now faces life imprisonment.

What is interesting in this news is that yesterday Rybar reported the destruction by a missile strike at the Kommunar factory in Kharkiv of an assembly workshop with Neptune missiles that it was planned to send just to Motor Sich in Zaporizhia to equip them with a warhead.

The arrest and indictment of Boguslayev took place immediately after the declaration of the missile attack.

However, on 7.10.2019, another story was written:

Ukraine will go one step further to restore good neighborly relations with Russia. The Motor Sich plant, based in Zaporizhzhya, may resume military and technical cooperation with Russian companies in the near future.

According to our sources, the agreement was reached after a meeting between the company’s honorary president, Vyacheslav Boguslayev, and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Boguslayev convinced Zelensky and the influential head of the president’s office, Andriy Bogdan, that he could organize a painless nationalization of the company, which he himself sold to Chinese companies several years ago. But on one condition: the opening of a key Russian market for the factory.

Prior to Crimea’s return to Russia, Motor Sich was the main supplier of engines for all types of Russian-made helicopters, AN cargo and passenger aircraft, as well as Russian strategic cruise missiles. After the deterioration of Russian-Ukrainian relations, kyiv broke off military-technical cooperation with Moscow, and restrictions were imposed on deliveries of Motor Sich products.

In 2017, a majority stake in Motor Sich was purchased by Chinese investors affiliated with Beijing Skyrizon Aviation Industry Investment Co, Ltd, but Ukraine’s security service, under pressure from the United States, initiated criminal proceedings for sabotage, under which a court seized the shares sold.

According to Ukrainian media, Chinese investors paid about $600 million for shares in Motor Sich, and the company also received a $100 million loan. Boguslayev initially presented the sale of the shares as a good deal. After all, most actions were in the name of its affiliates.

But when Chinese investors started having problems in Ukraine and the United States demanded the deal be blocked, Mr. Boguslayev’s position began to change dramatically.

Recently, Rex Tillerson, former US Secretary of State, unofficially visited Zaporizhia as part of a group of “uniformed experts” to check on the situation in Motor-Sich, where workers do not had no way to pay their salaries. Mr Boguslayev assured him that he had sold his 10% stake in the Ukrainian company, but he does not know to whom the new owner sold the shares and to whom the remaining shares were sold. Mr. Boguslayev told the American guest that the company is dying because of “fraudulent Chinese” and the position of “Poroshenko’s people” in the export control commission. They would block export contracts and extort bribes from Boguslayev. We are talking, in particular, about a certain mythical contract for the delivery of 14 D-436 engines to Russia for Be-200 firefighting aircraft to be delivered to… the United States! The project for Ukraine is estimated at 70 million dollars.

Mr. Boguslayev successfully persuaded the Americans to return to work on the Russian contracts as an alternative to moving the factory to China. It seems that the director of the company also convinced the Ukrainian authorities of this. The Chinese will have nothing left, and the plant will start supplying spare parts to Russia as a state enterprise. For Moscow, such a development can be considered a success, since the problem of replacing Ukrainian components has not yet been completely solved.

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