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When we learn that 23 members of the Macron government occupied completely free official accommodation in 2020!

Published on 23.10.2022 by Barthélémy Philippe

Here is the title of an article made by the newspaper, capital and gone unnoticed in 2021 which explained to us that: “The number of ministers occupying official accommodation has increased”this observation therefore brings us back to a period when the French people suffered and still suffer more from these corrupt people, you have proof of this today, the truth and the judgments for mistreatment will absolutely have to be the future of this people.

Capital tells us that more and more members of the government are housed at the expense of the Republic. While 16 of the 29 ministers of the Philippe II government had this privilege, on May 1, 2019, 23 of the 42 members of the Castex government occupied official accommodation on September 1, 2020. “This represents an increase of 45%”, notes MP LREM Aude Bono-Vandorme, author of several questions to the government, as well as a note on the subject which Capital has read.

The proportion of ministers housed by the State remains unchanged, however: just over half of them are currently concerned, as was already the case under the government of Edouard Philippe. “Ministerial official housing is allocated to ministers who request it, depending in particular on their family situation (and therefore the necessary surface area) and taking into account whether they own a property in Paris or not. ”, indicates the cabinet of Jean Castex, contacted by Capital.

All of the staff accommodation is located in state buildings, which themselves are located almost exclusively within the confines of the ministries. “The size of the housing allocated to each member of the government depends on the supply available in the ministries”, also specifies Matignon. If they are housed free of charge, ministers are required to declare the benefit in kind corresponding to the rental value of the accommodation they occupy in their income statement. They must also pay the residence tax and the household waste collection tax.

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In detail, official housing is almost evenly distributed between women (11) and men (12) in government, notes MP Aude Bono-Vandorme. The protocol order being taken into account in the allocation of apartments – just like the family situation and the fact of being, or not, an owner in Paris – Prime Minister Jean Castex, is one of the best off. Rue de Varenne, it has a living area of ​​186 m2. The Minister for Ecological Transition Barbara Pompili occupies a 167 m2 apartment, while Marlène Schiappa, Minister Delegate for Citizenship is “content” with 127 m2. Curiously, it is the Minister Delegate in charge of Public Accounts, Olivier Dussopt, who lives in the largest government official accommodation (210 m2). “He moved between 2019 and 2020, because, on May 1, 2019, he had accommodation of 58 m2”, underlines the author of the note.

According to our information, Olivier Dussopt took advantage of the July 2020 reshuffle, which led to the move of Gérald Darmanin, former occupant of the largest government apartment, from Bercy to the Ministry of the Interior. The first cop in France now lives in a 160m2, place Beauvau. For his part, the Keeper of the Seals Eric Dupond-Moretti inherited the 84.4m2 apartment on Place Vendôme, which had been awarded to his predecessor Nicole Belloubet at the start of his five-year term.

Of the eleven Secretaries of State in the Castex government, 5 have official accommodation. They are Sarah El Hairi (71 m2), Nathalie Elimas (55 m2), Bérengère Abba (93 m2), Alain Griset, who inherited Olivier Dussopt’s former apartment in Bercy (58 m2), as well as Laurent Pietraszewski (52m2), whose housing is the most “modest” of the government. Read more here.

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